Pep Guardiola on whether Kalvin Phillips might leave Manchester City

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has admitted the club could look to sign a replacement for Kalvin Phillips if he leaves during January’s transfer window.

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43 thoughts on “Pep Guardiola on whether Kalvin Phillips might leave Manchester City

  1. The curious case of Kalvin Phillips…

    3 winners medals how does he explain that in years to come in an interview or a documentary.. "I rode coat tails and kept the bench real shiny hence why I'm sitting with 3 medals"


  2. Rare to see Pep get it so badly wrong with a player purchase.
    Seems like he was fooled into believing the hype surrounding Phillips after only a handful of England games.
    He nwever was and never will be a top 4 EPL level player.

  3. Please someone tell me this why Pep want to get a replacement another midfield player to replace Phillips for 🤔 just understand this because city has got enough back up player who can play in midfield because if they get another midfield player would he go through the same way as Phillips or another midfield player would suffer the same

  4. Leeds fan here ,obviously feel very sorry for him ,he's a great talent ,he's obviously gone to the wrong club ,an arrogant club in my opinion that behaves too big for itself, but that's what money does!
    If a club like Newcastle or man utd come in for him he should go without even pondering!!!
    As a leeds fan I can count how many players have played for both man utd and Leeds which is alot btw ,so that shouldn't stop him and any of my fellow Leeds fans calling him out if he does go to old Trafford are simply a bunch of Bell ends !!!! If he chooses not to then its kalvins choice and should be his alone ,I wish him well, ŵe love him at Leeds and always will , but all the best kal .🟨⬜️🟦👌.

  5. I really felt that he wasn’t gonna get playing time in Man City, and I was right. He didn’t have enough time to prove himself @ Leeds. Should’ve stayed/proven himself as a consistent player first before moving to an elite team.

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