Pep Guardiola: More chance I’d stay at Manchester City in League One than if we won Champions League

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola says he is more likely to stay at the club if they were in League One rather than if they won the Champions League.

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24 thoughts on “Pep Guardiola: More chance I’d stay at Manchester City in League One than if we won Champions League

  1. This is why virtually everyone prefers Klopp to Pep. Klopp keeps it real while being charismatic. Pep comes up with outrageously exaggerated statements that everyone knows are b*llshit.

  2. I mean I get that his point is that it would be a challenge and he's loyal to the club, but the reality is he wouldn't take the pay cut required (and would be stupid to do so in all honesty). Besides, if City are found guilty they should be expelled from the football league completely not just arbitrarily placed in the third tier, any other sport would ban an athlete/team for doping (physical or financially) so I don't get why people think football should be different.

    Not getting into whether they did/didn't do it, I legitimately don't care. Just putting that out there before the blinded by bias brigade rain down on me.

  3. Stick em in the third division. They have hidden money away from the Premier league through bent deals. I don't blame the team and pep great football deserve to win. The club is bent.

  4. And as for Jude Bellingham not wanting to join City for being a “plastic club” I’m glad he didn’t come to City as I don’t want plastic players at our club anyway

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