Pep Guardiola denies claims that Manchester City have been complacent this season

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Pep Guardiola has denied claims that Manchester City have been complacent this season following their treble win and backs his side to retain the Premier League title.

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20 thoughts on “Pep Guardiola denies claims that Manchester City have been complacent this season

  1. Come on pep you talking like you've already won the league this season, am not Gary Neville's biggest fan but his won 8 epl's and 2 ucl's, and he has won the epl three times in a row twice so at least put some respect on his name.

  2. You won the league last season because you beat arsenal twice and saliba getting injured. Arsenal have beat you once already (which would of won arsenal the title last season) and more than likely saliba won't get injured for so many games. U ain't winning no league😂😂😂

  3. If City win the league it's pretty much going to be because of Rodri. Haaland is a great striker but Jesus Christ he's frustrating to watch. Doesn't press properly, doesn't get into spaces properly, doesn't recieve the ball properly, doesn't hold the ball properly.

  4. Pep needs a stronger and faster goal-getter player to make his team the strongest club in the EPL one more time. Unfortunately, Haaland couldn't revive his chance to score even two times at the match, thus, Man City needs another key player, which means Pep already remarked the related football player who belongs to another team in many interviews. Man City would be the strongest club in all games if he obtains the player. But because other rival teams such as Newcastle and Liverpool also wanted to get the player, therefore, the board of Man City should try its best to obtain the player in this upcoming winter transfer season. Of course, those teams should prepare huge transfer money to gain the player.

  5. Its probably part complacency, part knowing that financial fair play is lurking with a points deduction. But that wont be this season. City normally step it up later in the season.

  6. Maybe they look complacent, but in reality when you watch them… they look like they’ll eventually explode and be unplayable. At this rate now they can win it or finish second, if they kick it up just 5% they’ll be winners for sure. Pep, has done it again and again and again and again as he said from Barca, Bayern to City.

  7. No they havnt been complacent its just that theres a few good teams challenging and not just one per season. I can see a few City fans have agreed but thats just narcissism at play. You owed nothing and just cos you moneybags City dont believe the hype. Pep and City have done phenomenal and they trying just as hard but no team in history has won 4 on the bounce , not Liverpool in the 80,s or Utd in the 90,s and they were both incredible teams . Its still early days yet but this season going to be the hardest yet with City ,Arsenal ,Liverpool and maybe even Villa in the fold and then you got the also rans who can beat anyone on the day. YNWA

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