Owen Farrell to take break from international rugby

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England captain Owen Farrell has announced that he will take a break from international rugby to prioritise his and his family’s mental wellbeing.

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16 thoughts on “Owen Farrell to take break from international rugby

  1. Well I suppose that with TMO. Catching all his cheating manoeuvres on camera, his game is now exceedingly limited and because he's had Red cards before the RWC. His cheating cannot escape scrutiny anymore, he's been exposed as an average player barely professional. More-so just a Cheat!! Using the old (MH) scenario get out clause. Once he accepts he was just a cheating Thug. The sooner he'll recover.

  2. Hmm, Farrell has endured an avalanche of abuse from verbose idiots emboldened by anonymity. He plays on the edge – which makes him a target on and off the field. This is further evidence of the damaging consequences of the press-induced feeding frenzy facing our top players on social media.
    Something has to be done about the keyboard morons who should be exposed for the deviants they are. I wish Owen Farrell well, he's doing the right thing and hopefully, we'll see him back when he's ready,

  3. It’s nice to see on most platforms the majority of comments are supportive. It says so much about our societal trend of trashing people, that even when it takes it’s toll on their mental health, not to mention their family’s mental health, there are those that say things like “Deserves it, hate him.” Really? A rugby player who plays on the edge and with passion deserves to be forced into stepping down due to mental health challenges? And by association his family deserve the mental anguish too? People rejoicing this outcome just baffle me.

  4. Let's be clear, this was not England fans booing him , it has been reported that his own fans booed him.
    This is the so called neutrals or not so neutral, the usual England haters that have Owen as their target. We all know who they are, the usual suspects carrying their petty jealously and hate.
    Owen has been exemplary for England a great player and warrior.

  5. I recently spent some time back in England. It's clear there are actually very few real men left there. Probably the exact types who booed Owen at The WC. Wish him all the best and hope he returns soon.

  6. Hardly surprising after the hate I've read online not least from the headline seeking “reporter” for the BBC Matt Dawson. Anyone reading his garbage would believe that Dawson's love child is George Ford and now Marcus Smith.

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