Opta predict Manchester City will be champions & Burnley, Sheffield United & Luton will be relegated

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The Opta supercomputer has predicted the 2023/24 Premier League table. Manchester City are favourites for the title whilst Liverpool, Arsenal & Tottenham will make up the rest of the top 4. Down at the bottom of the table, Burnley, Sheffield United & Luton are most likely to get relegated.

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24 thoughts on “Opta predict Manchester City will be champions & Burnley, Sheffield United & Luton will be relegated

  1. And the incessant use of VAR to scrutinize every decision is only going to perpetuate this prediction. If other teams have any chance of competing with City for the title, it’s going to depend on the unpredictability of the game, which is now being heavily monitored by VAR.

  2. Why is Kompany not getting any criticism whatsoever?? SKY seem to love him. Burnley have been woeful, at least Luton and Sheff U have showed some fight. The Sheff U manager has been questioned but Kompany none at all despite them winning the championship last season. And top 2 will be MC then Arsenal. Liverpool are dodgy away from home.

  3. What's the point of this? so that we just stop watching the games? Nobody likes spoilers okay. Most rigged Championship in the universe and I don't even think Aliens can rig games as they do in England

  4. 0:35 'Four years of historic results' is a flaw here – you can only use this if all teams had the same management for the last four years. e.g. Aston Villa has massively improved under new management in the last 12 months to be in this conversation and fall only 3 points from top. Their rate of improvement suggests a better chance than the 0.01% given here. Run the same algorithm for the last 48,36,24 the 12 months, then compare and see what we get.

  5. Can't deal with this obsession with stats…. It's like like it was invented so that someone could have a job… These predictions don't take into account, injury, poor referees, playing in multiple competitions…

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