“One of the most unbelievable games ever” – David Ornstein & Martin Zeigler discuss Spurs vs Chelsea

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David Ornstein and Martin Zeigler discussed last night’s game between Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea which the pair described as one of the ‘best’ and ‘most unbelievable’ games in Premier League history.

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21 thoughts on ““One of the most unbelievable games ever” – David Ornstein & Martin Zeigler discuss Spurs vs Chelsea

  1. Well, for all the red and bad, they still got Son and their depth isn’t as shocking as even their fans make out. Skipp, Bentancur, Valiz, Richarlison, Hjoberg, Dier (who was GREAT when he came on) and a few others. It isn’t that bad.

  2. Why are those people talking too much about the game been the best ever game ? What about Spurs against Liverpool why are they not talked about it as Liverpool was also down to 9 men and Spurs winning it at the die minute of that game

  3. For all the bast@rds starting with "as a chelsea fan and proceed to ass'x kiss spurs stfu and go support spurs or another team… win or lose always criticising and crying…spurs didnt play all that good from a lucky deflected goal..fukc that.

  4. Romero is used to commiting bad fouls and not getting punished….I can't believe in one game him holding cucurella by the hair and toss him on the ground right in front of referee Anthony Tylor….but for some reason that astonished everyone Tylor and mike dean on VAR decided not to give that clear foul to Chelsea and rather allowed a corner to be taken by Tottenham who scored at last second of the game….so Romero is an idiot of a player

  5. Watching that game gave me the confidence to know Spurs will never win the EPL with Ange. Any smart manager who has the ambition to compete for a title would have switched to a low block and played counter attacking football.

  6. 9 men down and 2 key injuries, 4 -1 is an expected results.
    Most similar games, the 9 men team would just sit back and defend then I would just change the channel.
    But this game was entertaining until the end. People need to chiil out, Chelsea needed this game more and the Spurs were due for a loss.

  7. 2 red cards definitely helps, but the fact they were under the pressure to have to make those fouls means Chelsea were going in the right direction before the 2 players were sent off.

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