Nottingham Forest sack Steve Cooper

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Steve Cooper has been relieved of his duties as Nottingham Forest manager.

Owner Evangelos Marinakis said: “Everyone at Nottingham Forest would like to thank Steve for his superb contribution to our football club.

“His achievement in guiding Forest back to the Premier League will undoubtedly remain an iconic moment in the Club’s history.

“We thank Steve for his dedication and commitment during his time with us, as well as the incredible connection he forged with our supporters and the city of Nottingham.”

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49 thoughts on “Nottingham Forest sack Steve Cooper

  1. Most of the squad aren't PL standard. It's one thing saying they'll fight for Cooper but too many individual mistakes too often cost him his job. I can't see anything improving when Nuno comes in. He will be judged on results if they're not forthcoming and Forest get relegated he'll be gone. The merry go round of managers start all over again. The implications of relegation could cost Forest dearly. I pray this never happens 🙏

  2. So now we'll get a brand new manager, to manage a squad of brand new players, players he doesn't know (aside from Boly & MGW), players who barely know each other, many of whom hardly know the Premier League. Fingers well and truly crossed.

  3. What a joke as a outsider sacking cooper to hire a park the bus hiring manager who couldn’t even cut it in Saudi and got sacked 3-4 months into the spurs job hopefully Cooper gets another PREM job

  4. Time will tell whether this is a good move. Many clubs reach this point. Is he getting them playing better than they should be. Or can others push on. Personally I think forest are in that Brighton situation. They need to bed in for a couple of seasons before they can push on.

  5. If he is not the ugliest guy in football, I do not know who is! Glad to see him gone because of the tactics he had his players use against City when they drew him into that red card. See ya Steve!!!! WEEEEEEEEEE

  6. Lifelong Villa fan 🦁
    Really sad to see Steve Cooper sacked. He brought you back up to the top flight where you belong. I've got huge respect for Forest, we're both European Cup Winners, we're the biggest club in the West Midlands and you're the biggest club in the East Midlands.

    You're one of the few clubs to beat us this season. What Cooper did last season was miraculous, what did your owner expect when he sold Brennan Johnson in the summer??. I really hoped Forest would come in and sign Cameron Archer and Jaden Philogene-Bidace last summer as i think they would've helped you fill the hole left by Johnson. I think your owner has made a huge error, keeping Forest in the Premier League is the main task whilst you improve your squad which takes time. He played good football. Nuno brings the possibility of Jorge Mendes and a few potential Portuguese signings but the quality of football will drop off a cliff. I don't think Morgan Gibbs-White will be happy to see him take over.
    I still think you'll survive this season, the bottom 3 look doomed. But in my opinion you've lost a long-term project manager and replaced him with a journeyman. If you had replaced him with Graham Potter then i could've at least seen the rationale behind the decision. But in the long-term i think this will come back and bite your owner on his arse, i hope not as i have a lot of time for Forest.

    Cooper won't be out of a job for long, it wouldn't surprise me to see Crystal Palace ditch Hodgson and approach Cooper now he's available. Sad day for Forest. Apart from your trip to Villa Park, i wish you well for the rest of the season 🌲 👊 🦁

  7. Unfortunately, with the run they were on, money spent on players, ambition of the owner, he was always gonna be under pressure for his job and get the sack if Forest didn’t drastically improve. Struggling in the bottom half won’t cut it under this owner, I’m afraid. Looking at it, it’s the right decision, but he’s done a great job at Forest. A big, historical club with a long overdue promotion under him. He’ll get a good job somewhere 👍

  8. Nuno will be under A LOT of pressure now that he's taking over. The expectation for NF to improve and go up the table and to prove that the owners replacing Steve for him is the right one.

  9. This is NOT how you show faith in your gaffer. Every manager has a slump from time to time; doesn't mean it's right to sack them. Nottingham have a decent squad on paper, and recent results were quite concerning, but SACKING the man who's brought them up and has made them what they are is excessive at this juncture. I feel for Cooper, I really do. The question now is: once Santo gets into a bad run of form, are they going to sack him, too? Or are they just expecting their manager to win every single game and never hit a bump in the road?

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