Nottingham Forest expected to sack Steve Cooper if they lose at Wolves on Saturday

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Sky Sports’ Rob Dorsett reports Nottingham Forest are set to sack boss Steve Cooper if they lose to Wolves on Saturday. Forest sit six points above the drop zone and have lost their last four in the Premier League

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36 thoughts on “Nottingham Forest expected to sack Steve Cooper if they lose at Wolves on Saturday

  1. Forest fan here, just look at Villa and Everton. Sacked their managers and now are flying. Will always love Cooper but if even the coaching staff are disagreeing with his playing style then sadly it’ll be time up. Luton will eventually catch up to us, right now they’re are performing much better

  2. Crazy, he is not the one not running hard enough, giving the ball away cheaply and not playing like your life depends on it. Players need to have a good look at themselves. Good clubs don't sack managers, to get sustained success they stick with them through thick and thin and recruit better and more suitable players.

  3. They are Forest though. They can't get ahead of themselves. They are a sort pikey outfit that is expected to scud along the bottom of the league just below Palace. I love it how every team nowadays thinks they should be in Europe. 16 is about where they should be….

  4. Yes, let's sack the most loved Forest manager since Brian Clough. Let's create an atmosphere of fear, speculation, and constant pressure for instant success. Because that's how things are achieved in life, right? Either get a result at the weekend (of which you cannot fully control), or your head's on the line. I've had 7 season tickets at Forest and grew up watching Forest managers changed every week, with the constant belief that a new manager is the answer to all of life's problems. Short answer: it isn't. Every football club is far, far, bigger than it's manager, and the grass is ALWAYS greener. Cooper has ended the multiple-decade-long period of utter dross, and defied these very Sky Sports 'experts' who predicted that Forest wouldn't survive their first year, that no manager can ever gel a squad of 30+ new players in a single season and expect to stay up. Well, look what Cooper managed to achieve, against all odds. Currently, Forest are in 16th place after 15 games, 4 points clear of relegation, a huge improvement from the 20th position this time last year. So plenty of progress if you ask me. Remember, Alex Ferguson was almost fired early in his career at Manchester United for the same apparent 'lack of improvement', yet, he went on to become one of the greatest managers in football history. It's about giving time and stability, not knee-jerk reactions to short-term outcomes. Cooper has earned the right to build on what he's started. Firing him now would be a massive step backwards, ignoring the lessons of history and the value of patience in building a successful team. Marinakis, with his experience and understanding of the game, surely understands that dismissing Cooper now would be nothing short of a colossal mistake, sending Forest back to the days of chaotic uncertainty from which they've only just emerged. But sure, let's fire Cooper, bring in Ron Atkinson, Neil Warnock, or Wayne Rooney, and repeat the same old managerial merry-go-round.

  5. I love Cooper and what he has done for my team , he will go down in forest folklaw , but i fear for his future now because i can not see the players steping up for him against wolves ,I think he has lost the players respect he constently plays players out of position M G W and Sangara , his negative tactics are fustrating for our attacking players and he don't seem to have a plan B when we are getting beaten and over run , but lets remember he is still quite young and will learn

  6. I'm not dreading tit as much as I was against Fulham.. maybe players will be in their correct positions, favouritism won't select players , we won't just low block and have panic subs and maybe, maye, the players will decide they want to play football for us

  7. Presumably if he’d lifted them to mid table in the championship 1st season, lost a play off 2nd season, and was challenging for promotion this season his job would be safer, even though the team would be in a lower position than it is now. If he goes he will most definitely be a victim of his own success.

  8. Steve Cooper deserves more time, it shouldn't be underestimated what an achievement it is to keep a newly promoted team from The Championship in The Premier League,
    Forrest aren't even currently in the relegation zone, managers need time to really establish themselves and their clubs and Steve Cooper has earned that

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