‘No fight’ | Papers react after Manchester United drop out of European competition with a whimper

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Manchester United finished bottom of their Champions League group following a 1-0 defeat to Bayern Munich at Old Trafford.

Kingsley Coman’s 70th-minute goal brought the late breakthrough after being played in by Harry Kane. Before that, there had been opportunities for United but Bruno Fernandes squandered the best of them on what was another disappointing night for Erik ten Hag.

With Copenhagen beating Galatasaray in the other game in Group A, United would not have been able to finish among the top two anyway. But defeat here, a fourth in six games in this competition, means Ten Hag’s team are out of Europe altogether this season.

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36 thoughts on “‘No fight’ | Papers react after Manchester United drop out of European competition with a whimper

  1. Garnacho, Mainoo, AWB, Maguire, Mount, Dan Gore, Hannibal, Hojlund, Martinez when he's back, Malacia same are all going to be constantly put into a grave yard shift on and off the pitch. I name those players as they are literally the only ones at current who realistically survive a fresh start entire clear out new owners etc or at least have a future at this club either due to age and the fact they have potential or are incredibly new and deserve time to prove otherwise. The Glazers need to be real and sell 100% full sale (Qatar were the ones) ETH needs to go if anything to save his reputation at the very least and the players I didn't mention well you can guess why. I believe with the right transfers coming in and the right talent scouted those above mentioned players have a chance at the club but the rest are over paid and taking us for fools.

  2. A lot of these players have to go. Lets be honest here. There are no such thing as untouchables. If they dont have the right attitude and the right fit, they have to go. Look at how Sir Alex run things back in the day. He dont care how good u are, if your attitude is not right, u go and this is what ETH if he’s still in charge that is have to do. There are too many pretenders in this team and if we are being honest to ourselves, many if not most of them arent good enough. If this SJR’s 25% stake is finalised, i hope we can see massive changes because United is in dire need of a shake up.

  3. Huge amount of money that has gone into Manchester United, has come from Manchester United’s revenue.

    The Glazers bought United with debt and take money out of United via dividends and paying off the loan used to buy United in the first place.

  4. Manager hasn’t gotten the dressing room bought in, they lack an actual captain/leader (Bruno is a front runner, not a leader IMO), and firing the manager is just gonna restart the whole process. Need to get certain players out of the team entirely that aren’t buying in at all or aren’t meeting the standard (Sancho, Martial, etc) and bring in a player or two to that buys in completely. If I’m ETH, I make McTominay the captain; leads by example and gives everything for the badge

  5. beating a dead horse at this point😂 they were never in it to begin with😂
    feel sorry for højlund tho.. they never really pass the ball to him. also the other day when united got a penalty.. how about letting højlund take the penalty instead of bruno? he missed anyway? maybe let højlund score a penalty to give a little bit of confidence… but nono bruno is the king right? at least in his own tiny little mind… when højlund plays for the national team he is clinical up front trust me. denmark players also try to set him up for a goal and he actually scores a lot! and he does a great job… united players do nothing to really set him up… i understand his frustration with the teammates…

  6. But, just a little bit of perspective here amid the hysterical press and social media. On this night, United lost just 0-1 to one of the best sides in the world. Before 1999 happened, Alex Ferguson’s United were once outplayed (which didn’t happen against Bayern) by Barcelona in the Champions League and failed to get a single shot on goal. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Again, just some perspective needed here.

  7. What does he mean that ETH doesn’t get the support he needs? Really?! He was supported all the way. He already spent almost a half a billion on players. Every decisions he made from Ronaldo to the press, the club and the fans stood by him. Every loss they made, the club and the fans stood by him. I can’t even remember if they even got a draw this season. Remeber, when he said he can’t play this team the way his Ajax team plays, the club and the fans stood by him. ETH is supported all the way from the top to the media. If he is not supported he should have been sacked months ago. But he isn’t, isn’t he? So don’t tell me he doesn’t get the support he needs. They aren’t just good enough. Even ETH now. All of really has no idea what’s going on there. Every club is a close door. Even Manchester United.

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