My Trip to the Falkland Islands | The Land of 1 MILLION Penguins

One of the best places in the world to see penguins: the Falkland Islands.
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Thank you to Falkland Islands Tourism for hosting me for this trip! Their website has tons of resources to help you plan a visit:

▷ Main Camera 1
▷ Main Camera 2
▷ Vlog Camera
▷ Wide Lens
▷ Medium Lens
▷ Telephoto Lens
▷ Wildlife Lens
▷ Drone
▷ Tripod

00:00 Intro
00:24 About The Falklands
01:27 Penguins & 4 Second Naps
02:09 Rockhopper & Macaroni Penguins
03:19 King Penguins
04:08 The Falklands Community
04:24 Bake Safe (SO COOL)
04:44 Penguin Species of the Falklands
05:08 Why are Penguins Tuxedo Colored?
05:24 The Most INCREDIBLE Private Property (Murrell Farm)
06:02 Stanley & Gypsy Cove


41 thoughts on “My Trip to the Falkland Islands | The Land of 1 MILLION Penguins

  1. Wow, had no idea about the Falkland Islands and I am guessing I am not alone with that! Thanks for showing us what a wonderful destination this place is!

  2. ahhh, she uploaded a new video…..wohooooooo🎉🎉
    the only vlogger with such good sense of shooting videos……
    those 8-10mins of your vlog are pure bliss ❤️
    hope we can meet someday & plan a trip 👶😂

  3. Thank you for sharing new video!
    I really enjoyed it.
    Your videos always show us amazing scenery.
    And you’re talking clearly so it’s very nice for English learners like me.
    Looking forward to your next video!

  4. By far my favorite travel blogger. Your artist flair is captivating every video . Wish they were longer . Did not know where those islands were . So cool

  5. Your cinematography is truly something to aspire to! Also wow, as someone who loves sloths, I was not familiar with penguins' game. 4 second micronaps all day? They're working smarter not harder

  6. I was supposed to go to the Falklands on the way back from Antartica but there was a massive storm and we had to divert the ship. Still upset over that

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