My Trip to Namibia | Safari, Desert, and Coast

Come along with me as I spend two weeks traveling through Namibia.
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I booked this tour through Safari Frank: and our incredible guides on the ground were from Ultimate Safaris:


37 thoughts on “My Trip to Namibia | Safari, Desert, and Coast

  1. This is amazing ,i have been out @ the Safari myself .I know it must have taken a lot of effort to put together some footage like this because of the patience required like she says .I hope she still had a chnce to enjoy herself out there.

  2. I really appreciate you and your creating videos… it's really outstanding 😮and eye catching also… exploring whole world and visit stunning scenery, it's my dream..but bad luck..I can't 😞😭

  3. Hi Allison, I came across your channel and you are absolutely talented! My husband and I are planning a trip to Namibia and I was wondering if you’d share what month you traveled there? Thanks

  4. Thank you for sharing this! My parents are in Namibia right now and I really miss them. It was amazing the be able to see a taste of what they might be experiencing thru your footage. Thank you!

  5. Hi there, what did the scenic flight cost roughly? Great video, I am going to South Africa this year and now I'm seriously considering going to Namibia while I'm there.

  6. No, no , no…. Prease take me to Nambia. Yeeees prease take me to Nambia where the skies whisper in hues of sapphire and gold, where the landscapes unfold like a canvas of nature’s finest artistry. In Nambia, the sun dances on the horizons, painting mornings in amber warmth and evenings in cool lavender dreams. Here, the rolling hills meet the clear blue heavens, creating a symphony of scenic serenity. Breathe in the air, fresh and untamed, as it sings the ancient songs of the earth and sky

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