My Solo Trip to Oman

I visited Oman a few months ago and FINALLY got the footage edited together to share. I had the best time! Have you ever thought of visiting Oman?
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39 thoughts on “My Solo Trip to Oman

  1. I as a Bangladeshi invite you to Bangladesh and call for a combine naseed or gajjar with the Kalarab Shilpa Gusti of Bangladesh, please come to Bangladesh at least once and you have many visitors in Bangladesh 🇧🇩🖤

  2. I think it's really great that you are not prejudiced to visit muslim countries. The western media always portraits muslims and muslim countries in a negative way, but these places are really worth visiting. Besides the great nature, the hospitality and warmth of the people there is incomparable

  3. I grew up in Dubai and took many trips to Oman over the years. The Middle East is such an incredible place and the people are just beautiful. I live in Canada now but my heart belongs to the UAE. ❤
    One thing I would recommend is doing a driving tour around the different Emirates and make your way over to Oman by vehicle. There are many hidden gems in the lesser known emirates. 🇦🇪❤

  4. Lovely video. I just spent one week in Northern Oman and had exactly the same vibes. Omanis were very polite, kind and welcoming people. All the places were clean and easy to visit. My favorites were Nizwa, Bidiyah and Wahiba Sands.

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