My Solo Trip to Carson Valley, Nevada | Wild Horses + Mountain Flying

Chasing the wild Nevada mustangs and soaring over the Sierra Nevadas!
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36 thoughts on “My Solo Trip to Carson Valley, Nevada | Wild Horses + Mountain Flying

  1. I took a birthday road trip at the same time but I was at Yosemite and Mono Lake. Next time add Virginia City in. More photo ops and wild horses in the Virginia City area. Not far from Carson Valley. That Carson, Minden Area is growing immensly. Lots of folks moving there these days. Be safe

  2. We live over the mountain from Carson Valley and it is one of our several times a year visits. Genoa is fantastic, we love Virginia City, and just the whole ambiance of the area. Great video, new subscriber.

  3. We’re full! No more people please. And Carson valley is NOT to be confused with Carson city yall. Many make that mistake. Carson valley is actually Minden , Genoa and gville. Stop using them synonymously. And Minden is full. Way full. Stay away. No more

  4. I was born and raised in Gardnerville/Minden. I lived with my dad on Waterloo lane. My happiest memories are of this valley. Jobs Peak is my monument. Funny, I actually live in WA state now too. Thanks for visiting my home town. I sure miss it.

  5. Quick update: Bently Heritage distillery closed late Feb. / early March of 2022. Having grown up in Gardnerville, it was interesting to watch what others from outside the area gravitate towards when they visit. I “soared” over the valley in the ‘80s, enjoying every minute. I’d recommend a hot-air balloon flight as well – another way to see the expanse of the valley. There are many other fine eating establishments with deep ties to the area – as well as some relatively newer choices – don’t hesitate to try them! Cheers!

  6. Douglas County and the Carson Valley are proud supporters of all things conservative….so if you’re a weed huffing liberal socialist you won’t be happy in freedom loving gun toting western Nevada.

  7. no offense but saying that visiting carson is a must if you are visiting south lake is the most insane thing i've ever heard. The only reason i go to carson is for the cheap gas and cause it has a costco. Go visit virginia city if you really have a lot of time to kill or just stay in tahoe cause it is way better than carson

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