My Solo Trip to Antarctica

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Huge thank you to Seabourn for hosting me on the adventure of a lifetime. Check out their Antarctica voyages here:

Thank you to the onboard media team, Coulson & Tennant, for capturing my Antarctic experience from the sky! All aerial footage was filmed by them.

▷ Main Camera 1
▷ Main Camera 2
▷ Vlog Camera
▷ Wide Lens
▷ Medium Lens
▷ Telephoto Lens
▷ Wildlife Lens
▷ Drone
▷ Tripod

00:00 The Magic of Antarctica
00:51 Drake Passage & Albatross
02:12 Arriving to Antarctica
02:49 Penguins and BABIES
04:50 Protecting the Environment
05:46 Whale Magic
07:08 Submarine Experience
07:52 Kayaking Among Icebergs
08:20 Port Lockroy
09:04 Lemaire Channel
09:46 About the Ship
11:00 Sailing into an ACTIVE VOLCANO
11:51 Return to Ushuaia
12:21 A Reminder


40 thoughts on “My Solo Trip to Antarctica

  1. I guess going to the beach in a country is like visiting the whole country for some people.Gut to me going somewhere entails see interior parts of the area.Seeing where people live in the different stations occupied by one`s country. Why would a short hop to visit McMurdough be off limits? It all seems rediculously secretative.More people have climbed Mt Everest in one year than have made it to Antartica.

  2. right now I'm reading a story called "Journey to the End of the Earth" for my exam and that story led me here LET ME TELL YOU your video is letting me imagine the story SO well. I am surprised at how pretty Antarctica is 😮

  3. Allison, what a beautiful video. I love these adventures and travel videos, especially in unusual places. But unfortunately, it's predominantly made by men, so I am so happy to see a girl doing this type of thing. As a girl, I am happy to see another one doing my dream, and fills me with hope. All love from Brazil 🇧🇷?

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