My First Time in SEOUL | Korean Cooking, DMZ Tour & Jogyesa Temple (Korea Part One)

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Thanks to Korea Tourism for organizing this YouTube week!


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30 thoughts on “My First Time in SEOUL | Korean Cooking, DMZ Tour & Jogyesa Temple (Korea Part One)

  1. Hey I’ve been watching your channel for a long time but you in Korea? Wow feels so weird! And seems you did super interesting things more than me… who is.. Korean… glad you enjoyed anyway <3

  2. 오!!! 반가워요!!! I've subscribed your chanel to learning English. and I'm surprised you visited our country! I hope you liked us.

  3. A korean (been in Seoul for 20+ years) who's never been to DMZ.
    Maybe I should visit the place someday… now intrigued, scared, and obligated to visit the place.

  4. What! You were in Korea! I learned English sooo much from you by watching your videos when I was in the states literally like a decade ago,,, woah just saw this vid by logging on to my old account…! Well too late but hope you made incredible memories here ( :

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