I made a huge mistake last year in Portugal… have you ever made a big mistake when traveling?
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37 thoughts on “My BIGGEST Solo Travel MISTAKE

  1. I found out that breaking a plastic credit card overseas that it can't be replaced until I return home. That made me think I should have two cards and keep them separated. I did find an American Express office in Antwerp, Belgium and if it had a been an American Express card, MAYBE I could have gotten something done at the office to get me the money I needed. Most major cards, especially issued through local banks, require returning home to replace a card though. Cash is easy to lose, but it can always be used. Some Europeans travel with an American $100 bill when they travel in Europe, just in case they need some backup cash somewhere. These days with Euro's, that should be even easier.

  2. It sounds like your not alone when you travel. You have an angel with you. God is so wonderful isn’t he? We rush and have little oversights and he picks up the pieces and fixes everything. You are blessed. Out of curiosity, why wasn’t your husband your hero? Why did you call your dad?

  3. My friend lost her wallet once when we were in Asia but she didn't cancel it and just kept tracking her statement to make sure nothing was charged. I thought this was pretty smart because it meant she didn't have to request new cards (we were studying abroad so it would've been a pain to wait for them to arrive) and also because if there's no charges happening, it probably means someone found it and is keeping it safe somewhere or at least no one has taken it. She lost it during a night out and eventually found the bar that had it the next morning.

  4. My Kung fu family and I were in Hong Kong when some of the guys went out to celebrate after our lion dance. The next day, I meet them in the lobby and hear one of the guys lost his wallet with all of his credit cards, bank cards, and cash. He called to get everything cancelled. Later in the day, he finds his wallet in the safe. 😑 Apparently he was so drunk he forgot he put it in there the night he got back to the hotel. Everything is useless now since he got them call cancelled but at least he had his cash 🤣

  5. Great story. I only lost my phone while in Portugal, but the folks there that rob people are so good at their craft, you often times do not know there was even someone around you. Unfortunately, I was not as lucky in Spain on a subsequent trip, and should have known better, but ended up getting my passport stolen, and was not able to recover the stolen wallet that time. Europe is wonderful, but places the have frequent tourists will also have people skilled in opening backpacks or pockets. Enjoy, but be wary..

  6. I live in Lisbon and once, while walking around, I found a wallet from a tourist. It was the weekend so the embassy was closed and the Police probably would take a while to process and track down the owner so I looked though the VERY Busy wallet to see if I can find any phone number or hotel/hostel bill so I can give it back. I tried Facebook, Google, went full stalker mode 😛
    I then somehow found a super faded medical paper with what looked like a phone number so I tried to call but no one picked up. Then I texted "Hello, I found a wallet from "Persons Name", if this is you or you know their phone number please ask them to contact me so I can give back the wallet."
    They immediately called back saying they didn't even realize the wallet was gone. We eventually managed to meet up later in the day and I could give back the wallet to some very happy owners. But this taught me a very valuable lesson which I would like to share with whoever reads this:
    "Add a piece of paper with your current phone number and name to your wallet."
    If your wallet is found by anyone, you will most likely get it and your documents and IDs back (even if the cash is missing). Maybe I am naive but I feel like most people would at least TRY to give something like that back to the owner just for the sake of the IDs and papers. Not even the cash or cards.

  7. Wow. That's crazy. I learned a hard lesson on this 3 years ago in Europe. Family and I were traveling around Europe (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, and France). In Spain, I went to a beach town and was pick pocketed of EVERYTHING!! Money, credit cards, passport (I was an idiot for not putting my passport in the safe and not taking a copy of it). It was a Friday. We were leaving for Paris the next day. Embassy was closed by then so I got stranded in Barcelona over the weekend and had to wait for US embassy to open Monday to get an emergency passport and fly to Paris. Fortunately, my mom booked me a hotel for the weekend and gave me Euros. It actually ended up being a great weekend in Barcelona and I didn't sulk too much about it. But lesson learned about copying passport, leaving passport in safe, not taking all credit cards and money and paying more attention to pick pocketers. I'm gonna do my first solo trip next year and I'm definitely gonna be so careful about that.

  8. Something similar to this happened to me in an island in the Bahamas except I had no cash and it was returned to me by the very nice locals 🙂 also I got stranded in that same island because we missed our flight to the main island and I only had a credit card and the banks were closed 😅 this is an amazing story and it gave me so many flash backs to my Bahamas trip lol

  9. Great tip to keep the back-up credit card & cash separate from the wallet one carries. Also, it's a good story to highlight that many people DO care about travelers from other countries and that they are not ALL just trying to take advantage of them!

  10. I have lost both my wallet and passport while travelling solo for the first time (at different times but on the same couple months long trip). Both times my immediate reaction was to call my dad too. Definitely learned my lesson the hard way about having cash in multiple places.

  11. Wow, awesome story! Knowing myself, I would have had a quick melt down before pulling it together to figure out a solution. LOL. I truly believe God worked everything out for you! Happy travels!

  12. Have all your cards on your phone or use revolut 👍you can freeze your revolut card from phone if it’s lost and can get an instant new virtual one to use

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