Mikel Arteta says Arsenal have to be in the conversation to sign Kylian Mbappe

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Mikel Arteta says his Arsenal side have to be in the conversation to sign PSG forward Kylian Mbappe this summer – but hinted that the Frenchman is likely to join Real Madrid.

Mbappe told PSG this week that he will leave the club at the end of this season, with the French club expecting the forward to join Real once the terms of his exit are finalised.

The 25-year-old forward has also been linked to the Premier League and Arteta says Arsenal need to be involved in discussions to sign the player.

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33 thoughts on “Mikel Arteta says Arsenal have to be in the conversation to sign Kylian Mbappe

  1. Eh,, at least We can say, ''hE trieD'' – when We end up 2nd and clapping for Liverpool/City during the Guard of Honour in May all over again, right?

    He twiedd!1 🤓

  2. What Mbappe camp are demanding is €650k per week and €150m sign on bonus. Real has offered €600k per week and €85m sign on bonus. Arsenal are more than capable of getting Mbappe. Mbappe can take Arsenal to serious titles. Arsene Wenger openly admitted to having talk with Mbappe before. Real are favourites but Real can easily stick to what they have and still be Real Madrid. Mbappe should actually join Arsenal.

  3. English media creating their own happiness! He is leaving bcz he wants to go to a club he loves and can win UCL! All respect for Arsenal, but they are also like PSG trying to get their first UCL title + cannot afford him! He is getting a 50% pay-cut to come to Arsenal? Why?

  4. Mbappe and other top players of this world do not want or like to play at the Premiere League because of two irritating and unwelcome facts.
    First ….the weather in England is terrible and depressing. I for one have refused many offers from the top teams there because I don't like a lot of rainy weather.
    Second….the driving is on the left, which is very irritating to right hand side drivers like most of the world is.
    So….Mbappe is guaranteed NOT to go to Arsenal.
    Case closed.

  5. Say NO to Mbappe! I want Mbappe nowhere near the Arsenal Football Club. Mbappe would ruin Arsenal. He is not Thierry Henry, Mbappe is a drama merchant who will ruin the entire dressing room!

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