Mikel Arteta defiant after comments on Newcastle goal | Says it’s his ‘duty’ to defend club

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Mikel Arteta says he stands by his comments relating to Anthony Gordon’s controversial goal in Arsenal’s 1-0 loss to Newcastle, insisting it is his duty to defend his club and players.

The furious Arsenal manager described the decision to award the goal, after a triple VAR check, as “disgraceful” and “embarrassing” in the aftermath of Saturday’s game at St James’ Park.

The VAR officials determined they could not overturn the on-field decision after finding nothing conclusive following checks for the ball going out of play, a possible offside against Gordon, and an apparent push in the back of Gabriel Magalhaes by Joelinton.

Arsenal subsequently released a statement in support of their manager, asking PGMOL to “ugently address” officiating standards. Speaking on Tuesday, ahead of the Champions League clash with Sevilla, Arteta insisted he had no regrets about his comments.

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25 thoughts on “Mikel Arteta defiant after comments on Newcastle goal | Says it’s his ‘duty’ to defend club

  1. This expert is waffling. Let's start with the purpose of VAR, to clear errors that were being made by officials. The FA and PGMOL aren't using tried and tested tools ie semi automated system. They are still leaving everything to humans why? Referees allow play to continue so that in the event that they may prejudice the attacking team VAR gives correct and conclusive decisions . So don't come without correct facts and attack managers.

  2. The confirmation of the goal being awarded raises concerns about potential match-fixing involving certain hierarchy. With the introduction of VAR in football and the TMO in rugby, there was an expectation that referees' decisions would become more accurate and indisputable.

    It's evident that when the technology presents clear evidence of what occurred, it should be a straightforward matter for the referee to make the correct decision. However, in real-time, during a game with a global audience eagerly awaiting the referee's call, the referee inexplicably chooses to make an entirely different decision. This behaviour appears suspicious and unethical, and it takes place in plain view of the public without any repercussions.

    It is imperative that all teams support Arteta's concerns. In fact, Newcastle should take a firm stance and insist that the goal be disallowed, and their match should be declared a draw with a score of 0-0. Unfortunately, Newcastle may not pursue this course of action, possibly due to the nobackbone pandemic.

    Ultimately, the sports industry profits from the fact that fans, often unknowingly, become more engaged and spend more money when controversies and injustices arise.

  3. Dorset saying none of 3 actions that took place was a referring decision but why was the VAR there in the first place and why didn’t dey tell the referee to go check the monitor Tottenham against Chelsea sterling scored he handled the ball with his hand and the referee was sent to the monitor to check why was the referee not also sent to the monitor to check for himself the foul on Gabriel it was just embarrassing like arteta said

  4. Everyone seems to agree that there was a bad referring decision but now looks like arteta is made to look like the bad guy instead of the FA…… shame on you!!!!!!!

  5. Why are they trying to brain wash the public? What's the point of VAR if not to correct "subjective" refereeing decisions that are clearly wrong?? What a load of BS!

  6. You can sanction him yourself since the FA hasn’t done it. Hypocritical elements everywhere. Biased set of media. That’s why England hasn’t won any major trophy for ages now.

  7. You are meant to be the best league in the whole world with the best players and best coaches etc but then have match officials who can’t draw lines or are panicking when it comes to making decisions. It’s laughable. Not just for Arsenal even with Liverpool? How are they making mistakes like this when it’s supposedly the best league in the world. Honestly most of the time commentators even get the correct decisions before/as opposed to the match officials!

  8. we lost title last year because of such things, 3 point against Man utd, 2 points against Brentford, 2 point against Newcastle. I Hate 100% the officiating ability of The EPL, as well as the ability of the media to enforce such foolish error, but they only want the manager to be punished they talk the article for management. this will kill the league not the manager. maximum money and not being on the pitch nothing else. Just for those people on this profession be fair for your self including those journalist.

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