Mikel Arteta cleared after FA charge for comments about referees and VAR after defeat to Newcastle

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has been cleared by an Independent Regulatory Commission after he was charged by the FA for his post-match comments after their defeat to Newcastle.

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46 thoughts on “Mikel Arteta cleared after FA charge for comments about referees and VAR after defeat to Newcastle

  1. But it is embarrassing to not have adequate cameras to figure out if the ball has crossed the line or not. And it's also disgraceful that you can't decipher whether a player is offside or not in 2023.

  2. Arteta is right the PGMOL is embarrassing to the premier league, everyone knows that, and other club fans are worried the same will happen to their clubs. This has to improve from now on.

  3. Why did they focus on the word "embarrassing" rather than "disgrace?" The latter being arguably more damning. Either way, Arteta was right. They are a disgraceful embarrassment. And that's more likely why he wasn't punished, because they knew he was accurately describing the situation. 😂

  4. Where are all the Arsenal fans that cry about a supposed agenda against them and were expecting Arteta to get punished just in time to miss the Liverpool game. 😂😂 Bet they’re gutted deep down that they can’t pretend everyone is against them

  5. He avoid it because he had the balls to talk the truth he didn’t hide like the rest of managers who kiss arse and then speak behind your back only David moyes spoke up that the difference between wolfs and sheep’s arteta no sheep that why pundits always got there lips and his arse keep doing what you doing Mikel another story for the clowns to jump on can’t wait





  7. Everything about pgmol and var is embarrassing. Theres no consistency and they pull rules out there arse when it suits them. They 100% manipulate games with decisions because thats what the boss from sky says. Its all about tv revenue and keeping the league watchable

  8. Im happy for Arteta, he had some points and he had a very strong case. It's time that the FA fixes up their game and start acknowledging criticism instead of putting guns to the heads of players, managers and fans who say things for what they are when they see them.

  9. Sky can't lose..I remember the muppets Keys and Gray pushing like mad for introduction of VAR..they wanted even more drama and analysis..then they've sensational stories to go with it ..don't think anyone hasn't been screwed by it at this stage and equally don't think anyone would be sad to see it scrapped..

  10. And this single act from the FA further project the fact after them watching evidence from Mikel Arteta , which is clearly seen by the way, even if you view it from any possible angle that Joe willock's cross after the ball moved out of the line, was enough to have disallowed the goal in the first place, let alone the joelintin super man push on Gabriel meghaeles's back to assist Gordon for the goal. And I honestly doubt if a blind person wouldn't see it. The FA demanded proof and Arteta threw it right before their face, and they knew it'll further be criminal if they've punished him for his honest TRUTH, which by the way, should help them correct these consistent mistakes, which could cost any top team their rightful points on the long run. It happened last season in few games and Arteta let it slide, but, man's had enough and felt they're taking da piss, and to call it early this season * even though they haven't learnt much lesson the VAR and PGMOL crew * shocking 😠

  11. I guess it shouldn't matter what team we all support but VAR is killing our beautiful game, goal line technology was an amazing breakthrough and it should of been left at that

  12. The FA need to concentrate on working with managers to solve the use of VAR and not waste peoples time with these ridiculous charges, if managers had a way to communicate with the FA & PGMOL to improve VAR decisions, they would be a lot calmer & would breath a culture of respect within the game.

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