Mikel Arteta believes Unai Emery’s success at Aston Villa is no surprise

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Ahead of facing Unai Emery’s Aston Villa on Saturday, Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta stated that the former Arsenal managers success at his current club is no surprise.

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48 thoughts on “Mikel Arteta believes Unai Emery’s success at Aston Villa is no surprise

  1. There is a clear Agenda againt Mikel.. Everything he does he gets punished.. Conte an Tuchel exchanged punches and it was a small thing.. Klopp celebrated many times never punished… Its difficult Arsenal are not getting any decisions there way. Last game they didnt get a clear penalty on Gabriel.. As much as i like to think that the refs are impartial these kind of things raises the eyebrow

  2. Arsenal are officially the most hated club in the World – look at how Emery was treated by the media and opposing fans at Arsenal and how he is being celebrated at Villa. They hate Arteta to the core and will go to any length undermining his or his teams’ class.

    Emery was always in the reckoning for elite managers, it is no surprise how Villa are performing after Gerrard who is probably never going to get a top flight job ever again. If he does, he’d be sacked again soon.

  3. Uni is a master tactician whom didnt do bad at Arsenal just timing following Wenger was impossible for anyone. He actually did better than Arteta in his first 12 months like for like but Arteta got the time.
    Villa are a major force now and away to Villa is at the minute the toughest game in prem as they have best home record. 14 straight home wins is no joke

  4. Skysports STILL fapping? But when Emery was at Arsenal, not only the refs and var was biased and corrupt (still is obviously), but the media mocked his good ebening accent and Emery + Arsenal in general.
    ……waaaaay !!! Now he's gone to Aston villa he's getting praised like the latest and best feench bread.
    Even spittin image….of himself jimmy 'spittin' Carreegha claimed Emery is third best coach in PL cos of trophies…
    But when he said nowt when Emery was at Arsenal.
    You seen Arteta coaching, man management, speaking to press but media trolls trying to criticise anything they can after cleaning the dirtiest and rustiest toilets.

  5. Arteta knew he was going to get a yellow. Perhaps!! he’s playing mind game with Emery.

    But hey! Aston Villa looks unreal at home. Hopefully Arsenal gets the win. ❤COYG

  6. Arsenal are not the worlds most hated club,or anywhere near it. They just have a victim mentality.
    Grow up Gooners,you will get your praise IF you can avoid another bottle job.
    Until then,try some humility and stay quiet. Like Emerys Ason Villa.

  7. Breaking News – Martin Ødegaard tops the Premier League Appearance lists with 1000 games, followed by Gareth Barry (652) and Ryan Giggs (632) 😏

  8. The kind of resilience and grit the prem is forcing the arsenal staff, players and manager to learn can only be good for us. I saw Bayern qualify on top of their champions League group with a draw and they were all up in arms singing and dancing with their fans. Arsenal won 6:0 on the same day to qualify on top of their group as well and despite not being in the competition for many years, dared not to celebrate. They're teaching them to only celebrate when they win something, not a duel or a block, God forbid a goal or a match. Now arsenal can only look forward to winning the champions League and premier league if they ever want to celebrate again. I guess that's what they'll just have to do.

  9. Classic sky sports and mainstream media. “What do you think Artetas feelings are about the touch line ban” “Yeah well he’s done it before and should be used to it”

    You lot are clowns, show some backbone

  10. SKY have completely ruined Sky Sport News, Soccer Saturday, Soccer am, Goals on Sunday, all for the sake of diversity. Thats why I cancelled my sports subscription i just can't watch this garbage anymore

  11. Unai Emery is a better coach than Mikel Arteta. The problem for Unai at Arsenal was (1) he didn’t get as much time as Arteta has got (Arteta finished 8th for two seasons consecutively, Arsenal’s worst finishes in recent memory) and (2) the players were no longer playing for him.
    However, some great mangers – including Jose Mourinho – have lost the dressing room before.

  12. Please use Ramsdale which was at the team of the year in Premier League last season, and he was a top goalkeeper until Raya was prefered because then he lost his good confidence. I cannot understand why this open competition betveen the two great goalkeepers are good fo this team. And I really hope Raya is not prefered just because of his Spanish pass.

  13. So basically raya can give 2 goals per match to the opponent he will start. Good luck Ramsdale I hope he goes to a top club and that he will be one of the best goalkeepers in the world because what Arteta is doing is racism his Spanish brother has the right to everything🤔

  14. Arsenal will win as long as they don’t play Jorginho or zinny for the full match. Tomi is injured which will be tricky and for SAKE DONT PLAY RAYA

  15. Curious how the managers of 3 of the 4 teams now at the top are Basque. Maybe it’s something in the water. Who was the last really great English manager of a top English side? Sir Alf Ramsey?

  16. The FA seems more interested in totalitarian policing of celebrations, and shameless obsequiousness toward Marxist BLM (taking the knee) and the LBTQIA+ ideology (rainbow captains’ armbands) than in improving refereeing standards or producing world-class managers. A shame.

  17. Settle Petals, Arsenal will not beat Aston Villa at Villa Park tomorrow they will be too strong, put the big block on and fend off any Arsenal push. Unai Emery has a bone to pick and will implement a Villa shutout of Arsenal. VILLA will be 2nd then 1 point behind Arsenal…. would you bet against us … UP THE MIGHTY VILLA💪🦁👍

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