Michael Dawson reacts to Steve Cooper getting sacked by Nottingham Forest

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Michael Dawson says Steve Cooper “did the unthinkable” at Nottingham Forest and will be loved by every fan following his sacking at the club.

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26 thoughts on “Michael Dawson reacts to Steve Cooper getting sacked by Nottingham Forest

  1. Always going back the amount of players… you cant compare!! Forest had no players!! They had to sign a brand new squad!! For god sake, again and again this tripe comes out

  2. If we're honest, since promotion, the Atmosphere has been better than the football ! In 55 PL games, Forest has only won TWO games by more than One goal – 2-0 v Leicester and 3-1 v Brighton. That is poor. I love Cooper for what he did for us for 2 years…..but I do think it was time for a change.

  3. I remember the days Sky sports actually employed ‘professionals’ to discuss such topics and present…now they give appearances to any old person like that Olivia girl. The demise in quality is astounding

  4. From the outside, ever since he got Forest promoted, its looked like the owners wanted rid of Cooper. Possibly for a bigger name. I don't see Forest getting relegated this season. The 3 teams below can barely string a win between them. Be interesting how Nuno does after failing at Spurs and in Saudi League. I believe he will have to overhaul the playing squad to suit his style of play.

  5. Bizzare appointment to be honest. Cooper formed an amazing bond with players and the fans. He was loved by everyone at Forest. He's done an amazing job over the past couple of years.

    I would have rather gone down with Cooper as our manager than changed managers now and probably still end up getting relegated. Cooper would have got us straight back up again or performed a late survival mission for the club. Should have stayed. Sad and uncertain time for the club.

  6. People saying nunes is an attacking coach 😂😂😂 he is most defenitely a defensive counter attack style. Similar to what SC was embedding. SC did a wonderful job. Careful what you wish for here. Owners are setting unrealistic expectations, we were 5 pts clear of drop. Just where we should be. He deserved Bournemouth game at least

  7. Am i missing something he literally took them from 17th to 4th to 16th in the premier surviving relegation in their first season back and after a poor run of form missing their main player (ik it was bad but still) he gets sacked I disagree with that

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