Michael Beale named as Sunderland’s new Head Coach

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UPDATE – Michael Beale has been confirmed as the new head coach of Sunderland on a contract until the summer of 2026.

The 43-year-old is named as Tony Mowbray’s successor at the Stadium of Light.

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21 thoughts on “Michael Beale named as Sunderland’s new Head Coach

  1. Personally that job should've been given to erik 10 hag considering how we'll hes been managing united and would do well for a team thats in the league in his level

  2. People laughing at the appointment clearly haven’t got a clue. Sunderland need a coach not a manager. he’s a perfect fit look at his cv with young players it’s second to none if he was in charge of transfers I’d be a lot more fearful he fits the model. All the unwashed commenting since the takeover anything you win means nothing just like city and just like PSG sports washing at it’s finest 😂

  3. Dear Sunderland fans .

    From a one time Celtic fan way back in mid 60s through 70s

    Beale was not good at rangers and Celtic fans were singing his praises and wanted him to stay at rangers

    But Rangers are a weird lot and Beale never got a chance from day 1 .

    But u never know with another club if he does good or not ..Often a new manager in the door can lift players

    shall have players try for him ..But shall it work out in the longer run remains to be seen .

    Sunderland my fav English side id like to see do well ..Have went through a number of managers in recent times

    and makes me wonder is it the board a big part of the fault within the club ? Remains to be seen and all the very best .

  4. Big big mistake my god were we going back down again . Anybody can manage Rangers or Celtic there only teams that are anygood till they get to Europe I'm very disappointed in management don't think they have much idea

  5. football really is totally divorced from reality. I am not picking on Michael Beale at all – it's true of the whole industry – but it's all a boy's club – get fired for poor performances – get a new bigger paying job 10 weeks down the road and get a reward. What other industry works like that? Ridiculous.

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