Mayor of Liverpool criticises the Premier League’s decision to deduct Everton 10 points

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Mayor of Liverpool Steve Rotheram has written to Premier League chief executive Richard Masters criticising the 10-point deduction handed to Everton last week

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37 thoughts on “Mayor of Liverpool criticises the Premier League’s decision to deduct Everton 10 points

  1. It seems that everyone likes benefiting from the 'crime' but always complain about doing the 'time' when caught out, The only thing I agree with is this should be applied equally to other clubs (er…I mean businesses) doing the same thing. The level of self entitlement is beyond belief.

  2. Without being rude why does it even matter? They are gonna stay up anyway. It’s not like they have put them In bottom 3 with 2 games left. It’s annoying I’ll grant you, but they will still be too good to go down

  3. It is crazy that some Everton haters believe that Everton deserve the biggest punishment ever in Premier League for a technical breach that haven't ruined the integrity of Premier League.

    The big six got a slap on the wrist and a hug afterwards because they wanted to break out to a super league which is far worse than what Everton have messed themselves into.

  4. To many blues in power sticking their bluenose in.
    Helping rverton out. Free ground oaid fir by the tsxpayer while tge city went bankrupt.
    Lost world heritage status too thanks to that eyesore by the mersey.

  5. I think 12 points (three wins) is lenient on breaking FFP (i.e. cheating). Since, signing players who shouldn't have been signed is likely to have garnered more than just that advantage. 10 points is even more lenient. Therefore, it's not that Everton have been unjustly punished, but that Chelsea and Man City need also to have the book thrown at them. Expulsion from the league, in necessary, to send the correct message and set an example for others to follow.

  6. Everton are founding members of BOTH Football League and Premier League, we are the originals but to Masters and the rest of suits at the Premier League, we're just an old relic of a Club than they feel need to be put down like an old sick dog

  7. Premier league is a bunch of wussies, punish the poor and scared of the rich. What kind of excuses is delaying judgement on 115 infractions but can pass swift judgement on 1. This is surely a mafia organization…

  8. Everton were clearly Guilty and have been in the premiership the last two seasons and should have been relegated there lucky would Everton fans been behind Liverpool if they had done wrong??? I very much doubt it!!! Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the Time!!!!! YNWA

  9. Ffp was to protect teams going under but yet they've put Everton out of business …
    Ten points deduction ..
    Possible 300 million pound lawsuit
    Another 9 points deducted for going into liquidation ..
    All for going 19.5 million over ffp in 3 years whilst funding a stadium through COVID which could possibly put a 1000 people in jobs and promote the league and the city of Liverpool…
    Plus to top it all off you had ex board directors on the so called independent committee with ties to westham and Leeds previously …pathetic this is the biggest punishment in premier league history when clubs have been doing this for decades. .. honesty isn't the best policy I take it …. considering the super League sides had nothing for trying to ruin English football and it's fanbases this seem excessive

  10. So if Chelsea and City found to be in breech of ffp for multiple years will they point deduction multiply. Two year breach they get 20 point deduction. Even better 5 years and 50 points deduction. Hmmm. Everton case the norm from now on? Hmmm

  11. So if the precedent is £2M = 1 point then so be if but will the PL apply double standards… undoubtably, the PL is corrupt to its core and the Gvmt should appoint the independent regulator IMMEDIATELY

  12. Stop crying Everton, you will stay up as usual, What else were you hoping for at the start of the season. You were lucky it wasn’t last year or the year before,
    EVERY CLUB DESERVES RESPECT WHICHEVER LEAGUE. LTFC minus 30pts. Where were you then?

  13. You have to fear the Punishment in order to stop anyone committing a Crime at any level of Society. 5 Year ban from Competing in Uefa, FA & EFL Cup Competitions, Start the next 5 Seasons at -12 Points, 3 Year Summer & Winter Transfer Window Ban, Strip and void all trophies won (if any) during the corrupt / rule breaking period.

  14. Everyone talking about city:

    Difference is that there are hundreds more accusations against city the ivestigations for which are ongoing. Everton put their hands up straight away and were rightfully punished. Larger cases take more time and cities is magnitues greater than this one.

    Not rocket science.

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