Mauricio Pochettino calls for Chelsea transfers in January window after Everton loss

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Mauricio Pochettino has suggested Chelsea must consider spending in the January transfer window, saying his side “are missing something”.

Chelsea fell to back-to-back defeats for the first time under Pochettino when Everton handed them a 2-0 loss at Goodison Park on Sunday.

The result leaves Chelsea 12th in the Premier League, 18 points off leaders Liverpool and 10 above the drop zone after 16 matches.

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44 thoughts on “Mauricio Pochettino calls for Chelsea transfers in January window after Everton loss

  1. Chelsea is pretty much stuck with their squad now for the next 8 years unless they sell players for a good fee. The 8-year contracts means every window they go into now they won't be able to spend 200m because they'll still be paying for old transfers and ffp will always be breathing down their neck.

  2. They have a striker, he’s injured. It’s nonsense that they “need” to spend more. Do your job as a manager and a coach instead of using excuses. They are where they are because they haven’t played as good as those above them. End of.

  3. Feel like if Chelsea pump another 150 -200k onto 2 World class/extremely good strikers in January, can realistically see them getting top 6. Maybe even top 4, the team will feel like they can win games again.

  4. I don’t get the love in for Poch. While I have nothing against him, I don’t feel he is as good as many seem to think he is. He hasn’t really achieved anything of note.

    Even though I’m highly critical and confused by Chelsea’s transfer policy,
    Chelsea have very good players and tbh any decent manager should be able to get a tune out of them.

  5. Sterling best position is left flank. He performs very well any time he operates from the left but Pochettino pushes him to the right flank to accommodate Mudryk.
    Why can't Sterling and Mudryk be sharing the same left flank. Start one and let the other person come in as a substitute.
    Noni Madueke and Palmer will be sharing the right flank although i prefer Palmer playing behind the stiker.
    I don't know why he isn't using Madueke.

  6. Chelsea are so predictable you can literally predict what will happen in the next game Against Sheffield united , Sheffield will setup 5-4-1 sit back and defend, Chelsea keep 75% possession without creating any clear chance Sheffield counter attack score a goal sit back and defend get a set piece score a second goal Poch after the game "our squad is too young we are too soft"….😂😂😂😂

  7. Too many average players bought in panic buys in the last 2 transfer windows ? Palmer only classy player a good buy . Cucerela, Mudyrk , disasi, caicedo, Jackson , even fernandez looks average . They are all on long contracts too a real issue

  8. There's no hunger in guys like Sterling. Mudryk, Enzo, Benoit, Disasi, Gusto are struggling with the temple of the English game. Jackson has no idea what he wants to do with the ball. Broja and Sanchez are not up to Chelsea standard. You won't get a thing out of injury prone players like James, Chilwell, Lavia and Nkunku. Thiago's days are way behind him. I think the board are just throwing money all over the place without a plan whatsoever. The manager needs to be allowed to be a part of the recruitment system.

  9. All of the 8 year contracts given to the new players should be ripped up and replaced with the standard 3 years and option for a further 1 or 2 years instead. That was how Abramovich did it at Chelsea. Furthermore though, a full reset is needed, time to remove Bohely and Clearlake, fire those who brought these players in the first place as they did not do their homework properly and its time that rhe players are held to rights on the pitch as well as off it. No player is higher than the club he represents and standards for accountablility is needed right away.

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