Mauricio Pochettino angry with Chelsea’s performance against Newcastle

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Mauricio Pochettino wasn’t happy with his Chelsea side after they lost 4-1 at Newcastle.

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37 thoughts on “Mauricio Pochettino angry with Chelsea’s performance against Newcastle

  1. I think I’m picking up a pattern .. whenever managers don’t want to admit they got it wrong, they blame the player’s competitiveness and all the other intangibles.

    I mean, the tactics were clearly not effective, especially since the guy on which it depends was running in cement today. The style of football we’re playing, when u consider the technical ability in our squad, does not suit the team long term. Trying to make us a workhorse team when we have very few workhorse players

  2. I don't understand this Chelsea… I think they really cursed by someone…they did very extraordinary goals in training but when real matches, they always missed alot of chances tf…they need to start praying for the club for blessing

  3. It was obvious from minute 1 that we weren't ready. You ought to have made some changes in the first half. Keeping Levi, Moises and Mykalo all on the bench while those lads were running around like headless chickens was damn well unforgettable

  4. Reece james is not our captain please i said this n.y father drove me out
    Thiago needs to go
    Let thiago be investigated for gambling,giving that boy to a brazilian player needs questioning
    Gallagher is not a starter for Chelsea
    Ugochukwu is a DISGRACE
    Sterlin plays for England call up
    I don kniw but kudos to cuncurella that was the o ly fighter for me

  5. Smokes and mirrors, the buck stops with Pochettino! Players with a flick of a finger can be sent to the reserve side. Pochettino is not the right man for the job. Pochettino"s prowess is about trial and error. Poch failed at PSG, and he failed at Chelsea.

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