Mauricio Pochettino accuses Chelsea players of being ‘soft’ after capitulation at Newcastle

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On today’s Super Sunday Matchday, Darren Lewis & Sam Wallace discussed Chelsea following their 4-1 loss to Newcastle yesterday.

Mauricio Pochettino questioned his players’ mentality and accused them of making life “easy” for Newcastle as Chelsea slumped to a 4-1 defeat at St James’ Park.

Newcastle’s injury crisis meant they named three goalkeepers on a hugely inexperienced bench for Saturday’s visit of Chelsea, but they brushed the Blues aside.

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49 thoughts on “Mauricio Pochettino accuses Chelsea players of being ‘soft’ after capitulation at Newcastle

  1. The truth is the fans should not compare the roman abramovich era to this todd boehly era. If roman abramovich was still chelsea owner majority of the players in the club would not have been signed to play for chelsea. Pochettino would not have been chelsea coach. The chelsea scouts carried out a poor research on the players the board should sign and it was ridiculous the board never wanted to sign players above 25 years of age. This todd boehly era chelsea will win less trophies compared to the roman era. I know sheikh jassim is a man utd fan but i wish he had entered the race to purchase the club last year.

  2. WTF couch accuses the whole team of trash play? He first should blame himself for the team was not ready for the game. Poch is not good for Chelsea. He must go.

  3. The players are too just soft for my liking. Lack of determination. Lack of consciousness. Lack of marking opponent one-on-one. Lack of purpose. All these matter. In addition, player maturity, energy, size, height, physical, speed, technique, … matter when buying players. Enzo is weak, Jackson, and Gallagher are flops.
    At the defense line, players just leave opponent lose unconsciously and just bundle themselves at the same position and fall on each other uselessly.

  4. Even niggly Assenal got beat by the toon and they had a massive meltdown after that result. Chelsea fans take the L and see you in 3 weeks at the Bridge. We like bridges.

  5. I just hate silly pundits/ball talkers who always set their talking grounds with value of players. If that was the case, PSG would have tge UCL.
    And this attribute is so common with sky pundits.
    Sorry P.Merson yo not one of them

  6. Gordon is uk neymar, constantly diving and trying to fool the referees, in every game, again and again, off putting quality, keeping it simple, Gordon is a cheat, ani fair game.

  7. We played with no grit…the Toon were more up for it, more physical. Poch should decide who his first 11 is…Broja instead of Jackson and Mudryk should be given a run. Maybe Silva should have a res and put Colwill in the middle.

  8. It's hilarious how Chelsea were seen as a 'Crisis Club' and whilst all the football analysts were like "The stats are good, they'll be good". All whilst perenially 'Crisis Club' Man Utd are somehow moving up the league whilst football analysts are saying they are poor.

    These football analysts are talking out of their collective arse! Stats are meaningless if you can't get a fortunate win like Man Utd!

  9. Golden pension Contracts with 6-9 years 🤣 you dont Care if you a not a performing 100 procent. 🤯 you need to have CR7 mentality and thats very rare to have 🔥 you need hunger to perform !

  10. Oh dear. I woke up this morning thinking my team had played well. I hadn't realised we only won because Chelsea were awful. Thank you for bringing me down to earth. It stops me getting carried away about our future hopes.

  11. Another team that had a 'howler' when playing Newcastle. Here's a clue, it's not the opposition having a howler. How long of saying this, will it take, for them to see it's Newcastle doing it.

  12. Try find a game where gordon didn't try to fool referees over half a dozen times, we ignoring it because he's British, but so far is best skill is ability to fool referees and VAR.

  13. Shame on pochetino he doesn't know what he is talking about😢 this is what happens when you rotate a team everyday imagine since August until today he doesn't have first 11th.., why did he change the team that drew with Manchester City.? If he continues with this nonsense he must go coz it seems that chelsea is too big for him to organise and guide the team to compete in the highest level 😊

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