Matt Rife | Only Fans (Full Comedy Special)

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Matt Rife is a twenty six year old Veteran of standup comedy. Beginning at the age of fifteen, Matt has developed an extremely unique perspective on everything from women, self awareness, race, and some of the worlds darker issues. And he delivers these ideas with a quick witted, almost charmingly naive performance that you don’t want to miss!

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© 2021 Matt Rife, All Rights Reserved

Written and Performed by Matt Rife
Director: Matt Rife
Executive Producer: Matt Rife
Associate Producer: Paul Elia
Director of Photography: Evan Butka
Sound Engineer: Nick Tipp
Editor: Matt Larson
Production Designer: Noble Liams
Creative Consultant: Erik Griffin
Camera Operators: Cory Pitkavish, Matt Richardson, Tyson Galland
Gaffer: Cory Pitkavish
Colorist: Evan Butka
Re-Recording Mixer: Nick Tipp
Audio Assistant: Luis Cardenas
Production Assistants: Lauren Reznik, Marissa Forrester, Hannah Grigereit, Annette Galaviz
Special Taping DJ: Stefan Ponce
Grandpa Steve as himself

Song: “Rage” by Vic Mensa, provided by Roc Nation Records, LLC

Filmed at the MKM Cultural Arts Center

Special thanks to
My Mom, April Rife, Iliza Shlesinger, Finesse Mitchell, DeRay Davis, Skyler Stone, Gary Abdo, Jackson McQueen, Martin Amini, Claude Shires, James Blackmon, Mark Breta, Caroline Dobbs, Galina Antonova, Lynn Robnett, Jessica Michal, Troy Snuffer, Gabriela Teeka-Sing, Stacey Powell, Jeborah Diebold, MOnte Bainter, Greg Gibbs, Deshonte Oliver, Mike Morton, Nikki King, Joy Montano, Vlad Panin, Whitney Williams, Stella Khachatryan, Jenny Mesa, Denzel Whitaker, Kevin Fortuna, Peter Hamelett, Anthony Woods, Rickey Eugene Brown, Hannah Forsley, James Morris, Jonathan Billingsley, Neville Williams, Cassandra McNeeely, Marcitta A. Franklin-Sims, Emily &Jordan Wetzel-Smith, Manuele Mizzi, Geoff Samuels, Jefferson Yates, Clare Green, Seth Green, Milena Santana, Joprel Rollins, Karissa Lee Staples, LeeAnn Davis, Dom Trapani, Carlton Blackman, Enrique Salazar, Jack Fink, Jamie Masada, Shelby Frank, Martin Hall

In Loving Memory of Ralphie May (1972 – 2017)

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46 thoughts on “Matt Rife | Only Fans (Full Comedy Special)

  1. "They call me racist but I dont run anywhere.
    The call me sexist but I'm waiting for marriage.
    They mall me phobic but i only fear God.
    They call me bigot but im average size.
    They call me nazi but im neither a democrat nor a socialist nor an ethno nationalist.
    They call me crazy, but they believe in communism.
    They call me a capitalist, but we have a fractional reserve banking system.
    They call me white, but I call us human.
    They call me fascist, but they weild cancel culture.
    They call me authoritarian, but they demand the state make law against everything they hate." – an expert noticer.

  2. So bad omg I can’t believe anyone likes this the problem is you don’t have actual comedy fans liking this you have people who think someone’s cute saying surface level, shitty jokes who they want to fuck

  3. Ruins a great set by spending the last 2 minutes of his routine sucking black cock…

    Here is an actual funnier joke, I wrote right now…

    "Black people bounce back better than anyone else!"
    Jew says, "Hold my beer"

  4. I love how people think that what he says is sooo deep, when clearly it is just because he is handsome. And before you bite my head off, know that i'm not making any shit up, the same thing has happened since the time eyes were evolved/created, look it up 😉

  5. Welcome to our life Matt. My brother calls it the Anderson Black Cloud. Just follows us around fucking up even the calmest moments for no reason other than to just mess with us. It's made us both have PTSD and introverted. Like if we just stay away from life it will leave us alone and the cloud can go dump somewhere else. The minute we are outside…..found ya bitch! Watch this random dumb shit.

  6. I swear, so many people don't get this about comedy: if something offends you, just stop listening. No one is forcing you, but you don't need to try and censor the comedian. For example: there was something in this stand up that seemed like it went a bit too far my taste (and in the interest of not making a huge deal of it, I'll keep quite on what that was), but I bit the bullet and kept watching, because I knew he'd soon get back to things I'd be laughing at – and I was right!

    That's how comedy goes! You absolutely cannot be a comedian and offend zero people. Sooner or later, you will say something that will get under someone's skin; it comes with the territory. But instead of engaging in cancel culture when that happens, you either tough it out for the few minutes that they talk about whatever topic you find triggering, or you choose to stop watching the special. Engaging in cancel culture is doing nothing more than ruining everyone else's good time.

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