Manchester United and Sir Jim Ratcliffe to confirm minority sale next week

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Manchester United Football Club and Sir Jim Ratcliffe aim to announce within days a £1.25bn deal that will see him take a 25% stake in the Red Devils, Sky News understands.

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21 thoughts on “Manchester United and Sir Jim Ratcliffe to confirm minority sale next week

  1. Every week it's been that there will be an announcement next week. This deal changes nothing for the club. The ownership is still rotten and isn't capable of fixing the core issues with the club that have left countless managers falling flat on their face. If the manager isn't going to be properly backed beyond financial means. We aren't going to progress

  2. Am tired of seeing the players who made United sack LVG, JM, OGS..These same players still exist in that team and will still disappoint ETH. You can't sack ETH and leave the same players..Until these players contracts expires, no easy way to bounce back to standard of United with these players. Only Luke Shaw should remain and blend with ETH boys.

  3. Sir Jim scruffy arse 😂😂😂.Due dillegence and you would learn he,s just a chancer and its only more borrowed money against your club not his cos he aint got it. YNWA

  4. Iv learned not to care anymore because in the end the glazers will still be here next season banking on the clubs failures.
    Protesting is doing nothing and when we protest only small groups show up because united has alot of foreign based fans who just don't care enough about the club, they show up watch match then leave and never seen again. Times are tough and ratcliffe will do nothing because this is the same guy who wanted to buy Chelsea now he wants united because he sees money to be made

  5. The only viable strategy is for JR to pump 400-500 mil into transfers every window and be on an endless player churn. At least two big 100mil+ signings + a couple 40, 50 mil ones. Essentially a PSG, SPL, “Galaticos”strategy. Buy your way to “success”. Players won’t be expected to stay beyond or be on the first team sheet from their second season onwards. The average stay will be 1.5 seasons, max 3 seasons for those they struggle to push out.

    ETH can stay as part of this strategy. His coaching won’t really matter because the play here is more about fielding 11 superstars than anything tactical. Essentially the head coach could be anyone and is just a figurehead.

  6. They don't want to sell at all they are just messing about. They ar spiriting too much out of the club and there ill e nothing left with him and the manager. I know there has to be respect which is my opinion is earned not automatic and he treats the players like he is running a kindergarten. This manager needs to go before we lose all the good players. All he wants is fellow countrymen and Ajax players so let him go back to Ajax. WE won't have anyne left to play for England by the time he's finished. I have supported this club since I was 10 and love it albeit a fireside supporter as I can't afford to travel so only bern to Trafford once and watched them at Villa once but get very angry at the way this club is being dealt with. Ole only lost two games and was sacked but took us higher than we have been since.

  7. Ratcliffe has accepted to finish Manu. You can't own 25percent and control the club the Americans will use him to control Manu while denying saying we no longer control Manu cry manu fans cry please

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