Manchester City vs Liverpool: How significant will this fixture be in the Premier League title race?

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Premier League champions Man City take on Liverpool at the Etihad in a top-of-the-table clash on Saturday lunchtime – in a game you can see live on Sky Sports – with both managers insisting the outcome of the game will have no bearing on the destiny of this season’s title race.

City lead second-placed Liverpool by just a point as the two rivals prepare to once again go head to head, with boss Pep Guardiola claiming he has been surprised by his side’s impressive start to the campaign so far.

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32 thoughts on “Manchester City vs Liverpool: How significant will this fixture be in the Premier League title race?

  1. Beating Lance Armstrong, in one stage of the Tour de France is an achievement, but he still Lance Armstrong, and we all know why he kept winning. Same analogy.

  2. Wow, what a game this is going to be! Even if it ends 0-0 I reckon the quality of football will just be so high from both teams. Thankgully, even though both defences are strong, I think it's the slight weak point in both teams, so coupled with the amazing attacking talent on both sides, there should be goals. I think City will edge it due to home advantage. I predict 3-2

  3. Things can go 3 way, if man city win thet will stay on top, if Liverpool wins then they will top the league and if they both draw and Arsenal win the game against Brentford then arsenal will top the league.

  4. Well a win for either club isn't really gonna determine or prove much at this stage of the season .. but it will prove confidence boosting to the winner, and three vital points of course!

    At this stage of the season we don't really have a title race, its more about just 'staying in touch' with those around you …. the title race won't start until we get the other side of christmas.

  5. Yh pep plays good football but can u honestly say there is no one else that could dominate football with the budgets hes had in every league hes managed 😮,also 2 of the 3 clubs hes managed have been done for corruption, says everything to me 😂😂😂😂,up the kop

  6. It always the most important game of the year because even though no one would admit it, Liverpool represent proper football teams that don’t have unlimited funds to pay off the FA every time they break the rules and City represent following football for fickle bs reasons like making cringe compilation edits and their lil buddy Newcastle

  7. Man city bought and paid for. Mark my words watch the monstrosity of blatant bad refereeing and VAR decisions that will go against Liverpool. Put your money at the bookies on man city and thank me later

  8. ​@jch6722 I think you underestimate Arsenal. Liverpool are a work in progress and are poor at times away from home. JK himself is trying to play things down. Liverpool have lost 11 players they had last season if you include Thiago and Bajcetic being out, that's a lot of change. OK some of them were bit part players but that's still a lot of change. Szoboszlai being off form against Luton and Toulouse shows we struggle if he isn't right. I would be stunned if Arsenal aren't 2nd or neck and neck with MC. I would take 4th as a Liverpool fan. Our away form needs to improve big time after today anyway as I don't expect anything against MC. Their home record is incredible.

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