Manchester City: Never any doubts about Cole Palmer's ability says Pep Guardiola

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Pep Guardiola says there was never doubts about Cole Palmer’s ability ahead of the player’s return to the Etihad this weekend as Chelsea travel to face Manchester City.

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36 thoughts on “Manchester City: Never any doubts about Cole Palmer's ability says Pep Guardiola

  1. Ya right ,if Palmer was world class PeP(probably the best club manager in the world)definitely would have kept him
    ..Palmer most probably a 1 season wonder..look like a lackluster player that get lucky goals with mostly penalties…..
    Pep is just lying just like how he praises rival managers before thrashing them later on in games😂!…is normal the hype in english players get before the they flop a season or so later

    Apart from from Bellingham,Foden and even Saka there's no other England player as close to their level…

  2. Unfortunately palmer is one of the many English talents that won’t get in the England squad because Gareth is always picking his out of form favourites like Maguire Kalvin Phillips and Henderson. Sack that coward now and bring a competent manager in

  3. People saying PEP knows he will batter. havent you had your lesson from past? Be it in Barcelona or City. Facing Chelsea has been a headache for PEP. And I LOVE THAT. UP THE CHELS!!!

  4. Pep didn't sell Cole Palmer because he was a bad player. Palmer needed more playing time and Pep couldn't guarantee him, that's why the player made the decision to move on to greener pastures

  5. PALMER: "Pep, I want to leave City if you won't start me"
    PEP: "Okay"
    PALMER: "Can I join Liverpool?"
    PEP: "Not a chance"
    PALMER: "Can I join Arsenal?"
    PEP: "Absolutely not"
    PALMER: "How about Chelsea then?"
    PEP: "Of course, I'll drive you there myself"

  6. LOL. Pep playing mind games here. Cole palmer is just an average player and pep knows that. Apart from few goals he scored, he does not have a big impact in match. Also his passes inside the final third is very poor. Also he ghosts in big games. If he was an exceptional player, pep would've retained him.

  7. tbf u can be a top player in a league but not be good enough to start for the team that wins it, good examples over the year being ings, benteke, lukaku, morata. All of those are top strikers but weren’t quite good enough to start for a team that would win the league

  8. It’s funny how people think city will batter chelsea as their form is up & down. But one thing for sure, when Chelsea plays team who attack them most, they play pretty good. Like against arsenal, city. So don’t be surprised if chelsea draw against city or even win it. This is premier league and only one game so anything can happen.

  9. If he wasn't rated he wouldn't be playing in a treble winning team. It's just that City have KDB and Bernardo playing in his position and he's wasted on the bench unless he's willing to get little minutes until one of the 2 gets injured or leaves the club. It was a good move on all sides.

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