Man Utd chief executive Richard Arnold to leave club as Ratcliffe deal nears

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Manchester United chief executive Richard Arnold is to leave the club by the end of the year.

Arnold is to leave after just two years in the job as United’s owners finalise the sale of a minority stake to the petrochemicals billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

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44 thoughts on “Man Utd chief executive Richard Arnold to leave club as Ratcliffe deal nears

  1. No offence they are slagging Jims ownership of Nice yet they are sitting one point of the top of the league anything to paint a negative picture and thats with spending not much compared to PSG wo signed a couple of 50 million players

  2. It's all 'bout the money

    It's all 'bout the dum dum da da dum dum

    I don't think It's funny

    To see us fade away

    It's all 'bout the money

    It's all 'bout the dum dum da da dum dum

    And I think we got it all wrong anyway

  3. Sorry but I can't even get excited about this stuff anymore, Too many false dawn's and disappointments have made me sceptical about any news coming from old Trafford and those blood sucking rat faced inbred clueless scum bags that own our once great club,

  4. i am not sure but its probably gonna be ractliffe handling the football side of things while the glazers handle the commercial side of things . in other words negotiating brand deals and sponsors . in other words the money spent will not increase since the glazers will handle the money side . the glazers decide the budget while jim ractlife decides how to spend that money . i dont think we will spend more than a 100m in the first 2 to 3 years, since most of the budget will look to rebuild the stadium training ground and facilities , i expect some big starson huge wages to leave the club as well . i think utd in the coming years will play exciting football but lack the quality until all the restructuring is done

  5. Kaveh is maybe the dumbest “journalist” ever. If Radcliffe invested a billion for 25% on the proviso he could run and make the footballing decisions why would he need glazer approval for everything!? That’s not running the football department! That’s conventional joint ownership.
    Just because kaveh doesn’t have a clue what’s going on doesn’t mean Jim Radcliffe is just as clueless. Every right thinking United fan wanted and still wants the glazers to fck off, but for now they’re staying. If United football operations could be run by JC Blanc as CEO, brailsford as sporting director and Paul Mitchell in charge of recruitment, the players United would eventually accumulate would be infinitely better than the overpaid excuses currently taking to the pitch

  6. the club need financial support to buy players and good negotiator to sell deadwoods. we need more players actually. players like sancho, maguire, scot, malacia, antony arent good enough. and this will take years to rebuild if we dont have financial power

  7. Some fans are going to be quick to forget that the Glazers are still in power, that is why we as fans can never get togther do real protesting, I have stopped buying merchandice since the Glazers took over.

  8. Chris Backburst has written a book 😲 on Manchester United but doesn't bother to check "NIC'E"'s position in "Ligue1" before stating "they are not exactly setting the World on fire" a week ago they were top after a draw they are now a point behind PSG probably enough not to buy his book and move on , but in his defence he does know the difference between Football and Cycling …… 😂
    Perhaps somebody should educate these reporters the correct way when speaking about someone who has been knighted it reflects badly on this show 🤔 and show more respect for Manchester United you are all trying to make a living off their back. Sir Alex is Sir , Sir Bobby was Sir and so is Sir Jim got it .. 🤔good.
    Do I detect a bit of envy in Kaveh's comments and tone every time he mentions " RATcliffe it" certainly seems that way our home grown "Manchester lad " has done so well in life your bound to get this unfortunately it seems …. 😁 It's time for Mancunians to get behind this local lad who's achieved great success in his life let's hope it flies into the team he's followed as young lad from Failsworth …I'm sure he will size the Club when the time is right.

  9. Asking the manager who to buy is the last thing you should do as DoF. You are supposed to provide him a list of alternatives not ask the manager for a list

  10. Ah let's fee sorry for Richard Arnold because he had a "very difficult job". If you want to be CEO of a large corporation, you have to be able to handle it. You get paid very well, so do your job, and do it well. Also, please get your guests to do their homework Sky. The Glazers will not have 3/4 of the club after the Ratcliffe deal. Either there's a new share issue which dilutes all other shareholders so Ratcliffe owns 25% in total, or they're selling their own shares. There's also 30% of the shares listed on the NYSE. It is likely that the Glazers will end up with somewhere around 55-60%, but yes, still a controlling share.

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