Man United fans ‘would like to see something a lot more convincing’ after Luton win says Danny Mills

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Danny Mills and Sue Smith discussed Manchester United’s 1-0 win over Luton with the pair discussing if United are showing signs of a good team by finding ways to win or if supporters need to see something more convincing from the Red Devils.

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23 thoughts on “Man United fans ‘would like to see something a lot more convincing’ after Luton win says Danny Mills

  1. The big problem is finishing.
    It always has been and until that's rectified we're stuck in mid table. Top 4 is a successful season these days.
    Every game we create enough chances to win games but our conversion rate is disgraceful.
    Look at city yesterday…. at one point theyd had 11 shots and 9 were on target.
    We can have 11 shots and have 2 on target.
    Too much thinking.
    Too worried about pretty passing patterns.
    Not enough instinct drive and true passion.
    Sacking ETH won't help as we just start over again and any manager would need at least 3 full seasons before he had a complete squad all of his own.
    Rashford being moved from left right and centre, tweaking his game every couple of years to suit the latest philosophy… it can't have helped his development.
    Imagine how good him and Martial up front together for the last 6 or 7 years would look now.

  2. Real manutd fan will always support Ten Hag.. How many managere will b held accountable? Players should b held accountable more than Manager.. It's the same players over n again who put manager sacked

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