Luton condemn the tragedy chanting during their game against Liverpool

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Luton have issued a statement condemning the inappropriate chanting towards Liverpool supporters during their Premier League game at Kenilworth Road.

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29 thoughts on “Luton condemn the tragedy chanting during their game against Liverpool

  1. Luton is in fact the real group who were planting this fake news chanting. These cheap football clubs like Luton and most of the over paid shite clubs. Luton like Hammers and not Sao hot spunks and the rest of the cheap Clubs who regularly pay off refs to throw matches but still actually lose hahahaha can fuc8 them selves dea(

  2. What a mealy mouthed load of bollocks from Luton. “ reports of”? It was broadcast live on Sky! “ they might not have been aware what they were singing”? You utter lying scum shielding gits! Just a disgraceful attempt to play down their scum supporters behaviour. The sooner they are relegated the better! 🤬🤬

  3. It wasn’t just tragedy chanting it was derogatory abuse on the same level of Racism/Feminism/Homophobic/Religion

    Nothing ever gets mentioned or done about it. This is shocking that the media have actually covered it. It happens at 9/10 away stadiums when Liverpool visit like i said im surprised this didnt get shushed by the media.

    Yet if it was race,religion,feminism,homophobic chants we would have protests and kneeling in the pitch, world wide news coverage. But because its Liverpool and us Scousers that the country just seems to think are ok to abuse consistently they brush it under the carpet.
    And you wonder why we claim Scouse not English?

  4. The chants were about the ban from europe as luton wouldve been in europe in 1988 if it wasnt for the ban. Thats why they sang its never your fault, also the rhetoric from klopp in recent years with excuses. It wasnt about hillsborough, its only carragher assuming that. Thats why they sang its never your fault, hillsborough was never mentioned.

    Now you might not agree with the above but doesnt mean its tragedy singing.

  5. They didn't condemn anything, they literally deny that the chants have anything to do with Hillsborough. Which is what it always has been directed at and always will be. Their statement is nothing other than trying to deflect from the true natural of their fans. Expected more for luton so that is frankly pathetic

  6. I'll be honest I'd genuinely never heard of Luton until Tommy Robinson started his little edl thing. If it honestly wasn't for him pavement dancing with the rest of his minions in his Cheetham Hill Stone Island wearing mates then I genuinely wouldn't have heard of them until this season. What I'm getting at is Liverpool fans shouldn't even acknowledge this because I doubt many scousers had even heard of Luton until this season, so it's definitely just a small club coming up into the prem and still acting like a championship side to get noticed.

  7. Its small club mentality. Tin pot clubs like Luton trying to become rivals with a big club.
    Leicester have done the same the last few seasons, singing anti Liverpool songs and tragedy songs every time we meet.

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