44 thoughts on “Love stories don’t involve prenups 🥺 #viral #comedy #funny

  1. With 50% of all marriages ending in Divorce, i think all marriage licenses ahould require a pre-nup by law to ensure that no parrtner ends up destitute or forced to stay in a marriage that is no longer working.

  2. That is why he diovce for. So funny it is me i can make more house than man. I don't you love me or out of my life don't stop my indepand area you will see your exit door are open for you.

  3. Brother man made the most rational, logical, investable, awesome, incredible, & smartest decision he has ever made in his life. A wise & observant man could already tell that this lady's hesitation to sign that man's pren-up agreement was a total red flag from the start. And his last words to her was a total epic & triumphant Alpha male win & victory over her feminist statistic over men. 😉😉😉🤔🤔🤔✊✊✊👍👍👍

  4. Maybe it’s the woman who would be asking the guy to sign a pre nup lol.
    And who would want to marry a guy who’s got such thoughts. 😂
    A pessimist and a doubtful one that’s a recipe for a disastrous marriage. Je le sens pas du tout.

  5. 🤣🤣🤣 sorry bro she could’ve taken half from me and I wouldn’t even be mad. 2-3 yrs of fun time with her, she can leave n take half noooooooo issues at all from me. 🥵

  6. Don’t get suckered and emotionally manipulated to forgo half of your wealth! The moment you get married, you’re gonna be at her mercy!!

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