Leicester considering their options following Everton’s sanction

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Leicester are considering their options and consulting lawyers after Everton were deducted 10 points for breaching the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules.

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46 thoughts on “Leicester considering their options following Everton’s sanction

  1. It has got nothing to do with Everton. It's not their fault but the FA's. It's the FA which took that late decision to deduct 10 points to Everton. So Leicester should ask the FA for money.

  2. I thought teams got a massive parachute payments when going down , and no news yet out of Burnley or Leicester, so basically u made this whole report up off whispers , typical sky news I guess

  3. Man City are facing 115 charges which looks like taking years to get to the bottom of. If any of those charges are upheld and they get similar punishment (which will then refer to years past) what will the consequences be for other clubs that were in direct competition with them for titles / cups etc? This is a whole can of worms.

  4. 😂 whatever next, are they finally going to look at Man City and Chelsea's accounts now? or are the FA still taking back handers, as for the Leicester situation behave the club went down because they deserved too, so no case here.
    That's like Tottenham Arsenal and Liverpool suing Man city when they finally "if ever" get a point deduction for failing to win the prem.

  5. Oh. My. God.
    This is the worst report I have ever seen.
    He openly says he doesn't know what Leicester are saying, but then says they're consaidering suing Everton…?
    Mate. Stick to the injury news

  6. Man City Beat Leicester Twice last season that’s 6 points taken.

    Everton had a draw and a loss against Leicester that’s 1 point taken.

    Leicester are worse than the Premier League.

  7. They can’t do anything teams can’t sue teams in the prem

    We were not at any gain on the field ffs 😂

    Even the prem said we had no gain on that front

    We didn’t do wrong during the season they went down

    If anyone has any money coming there way would be Burnley

  8. From players who could not finish to leads not being held and a coaching change to late we got what we deserved! However it is fun to watch them winning almost every weekend !!!! Enjoy it folks cheers !!

  9. So many things wrong with this. Leicester should sue the Premier League, it was them who dragged their feet. In any event, Everton's debts were due to interest payments…there was no sporting advantage. None of this will stand and it's lazy journalism.

  10. As scary as it is, it's good that there are serious punishments for serious rule breaches… However we have seen a huge disparity in severity of punishment given to different clubs, where some have been far too lenient, but more importantly, others have been far too harsh. This is disgusting to Everton in my opinion, and I'm a limetime Liverpool fan

  11. Its absolute bollocks what has happened to Everton. I dint sign up to the bitters moaning about the super 6 teams but this points deduction is complete mitigation to avoid regulators coming in for the premier league. Theyre terrified of what will be found. This story is only just starting.

  12. Hypocrites. Now Leicester are facing breaches of the FFP.
    Not to mention Leicester broke the FFP rules back in 2014 to get promoted to the EPL. Maybe, all the Championship clubs that stayed inside the rules should sue Leicester, as should the runner up in the EPL, the season Leicester won it.

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