Latest Canada Immigration Rule New Changes & Updates 2023

Latest Canada Immigration Rule Changes & Updates- 2023
This channel will be a simplified guide, we’ll walk you through the entire Canada immigration process without the lengthy talks.

Disclaimer: This channel is not owned by an any Canada Government Agency or an Immigration Lawyer. The contents in the channel is for informational purpose only collected from Various public domains. you may need to contact an expert immigration attorney for your specific immigration needs.

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34 thoughts on “Latest Canada Immigration Rule New Changes & Updates 2023

  1. In reality, the irresponsible and incompetent JT government has done nothing constructive for our nation and its citizens since 2015. But It has ruined our peaceful nation and our lives systematically.

    Apparently, the JT government and politicians are advised by third-party mafias from well-corrupted countries. Their goal is to steal/waste our tax money and wealth by creating useless and ineffective plans and projects. One of their goals is to open doors for unnecessary mass fraudsters and strangers and make cities overcrowded and criminalized over the capacity of infrastructure, housing, transportation, policing, and other facilities.

    In order to justify further progress of their plans and programs, they create an atmosphere of instability, unsustainability, and inconvenience in cities. We can see so many examples of useless plans and programs in our daily lives that affect everyone in Canada and make Canadians' lives miserable. Why do we need that unnecessary mess?

    Despite so many examples of this happening throughout our country every day, Canadians still aren't waking up to the importance of protecting our country. It's so sad!

  2. Why is the processing time for spousal sponsorship not 6months? And is not better to phase the 5years ban in sponsoring a new couple, as this will not strengthen the family bond rather destroy it

  3. Please do not be fooled by their immigration system. Canada is interested in mainly the 20-29 age group or even younger. So this tells me this ; Canada wants "immigrants" that first pay international student fees to get a degree and can consider you on that basis (better than the UK at least, where the money is simply taken and you are shipped out). Next, they hope that these young people will stay, establish families in Canada who will continue paying into the pension loop. But they fail to realise that there is no guarantee that with this technological and inter-connected world, these 20 year olds would want to stay in Canada where the weather is harsh and the returns are minimal. This will affect expectations. They completely ignore the 40 year olds or early 50's cohort that are more mature, already educated, and know what they want out of a job market and are more likely to stick to the job for another decade or 20 years . some even have young kids. The upside to that demographic is that many will decide not to "age" in Canada after their decade or more of service, freeing up valuable social services like care home, social workers ect…But the immigration people are quite myopic in their approach. they are obsessed with the old economics of youth and productivity when the young are getting more balanced and smart in their approach to life and work . and given the types of jobs, may not be able to even take a mortgage later on. old economics causing skill shortage problems for these countries.

  4. your canada is not an anti-discrimination, just reruling that only makes new. you like people that will destroy their life while working in their own country and you are not God to dictate what other country should do. saved your gay money for yourself.

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