Kylian Mbappe expected to join Real Madrid despite PSG offering to double his wages

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Paris Saint-Germain are exhausting every avenue to retain Kylian Mbappe, but the expectation is he will soon confirm his decision to become Real Madrid’s marquee signing.

The French champions have offered the 23-year-old a pay package understood to be double his current terms and around £4m a month, making him the highest earner in the game.

An extension would also secure a mammoth signing-on figure in the region of £100m, and includes concessions over image rights as well as bonuses for goals, Ballon d’Or honours, and Champions League success.

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42 thoughts on “Kylian Mbappe expected to join Real Madrid despite PSG offering to double his wages

  1. Let’s not pretend he’s a guy that actually needs the money. He’s not poor and will still be earning a ridiculous over the top wage at Madrid like he is already at PSG. Football player should get no where near 1m per week.

  2. The fathers of football exaggerate them. They are making a new world star. But this man is worth 50 million at most. Even the state finds this money hard.Peeeaahhhhh

  3. LOL all these edited comments! ALL OF EM!!

    😂 Can’t blame you lot, if anything, going to REAL MADRID isn’t exactly playing for a minnow close to your heart!

  4. Football tweet: Kylian Mbappé signing a new 3-year contract at PSG:

    👉 €300M signing bonus

    👉 €100M a year salary AFTER tax

    👉 He will help decide the coach.

    Fabrizio Romano: Kylian Mbappé will STAY at Paris Saint-Germain. He’s definitely not joining Real Madrid this summer, the final decision has been made and communicated to Florentino Perez. 🤝

  5. Haha all the old comments before he decided to stay … just shows wait until the man puts his signature down on a contract before commenting or else you can look kinda stupid

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