45 thoughts on “Katt Williams – It's Right On Your Nose! #comedyshorts #comedy #funny

  1. I feel like bro should've made sure to have some portable AC units above stage early in his career… Funny ASF but I'm always distracted by him having to keep the sweat out of his eyes

  2. You colored people need to quit calling each other the N word would you call Jesus that? Look up what Jesus really looked like He's not the good looking white guy the vatican gave us.

  3. I listen to a lot of American comedians and just don't find it funny, but I can't stop laughing when I listen a kat, it's the jokes and why he uses his voice to emphasise the punchlines😂 and the movie he was in , when he was in prison talking about the white baby with glasses that wasn't his lol oh my god if you don't laugh at that then nothing's gonna make you laugh

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