Jurgen Klopp criticises Anfield atmosphere after Liverpool’s League Cup win over West Ham

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Jurgen Klopp has criticised Liverpool supporters, saying he was “not overly happy” with the atmosphere created at Anfield during his side’s 5-1 Carabao Cup quarter-final win over West Ham.

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40 thoughts on “Jurgen Klopp criticises Anfield atmosphere after Liverpool’s League Cup win over West Ham

  1. I fully agree Mr. Klopp I’ll be jumping for joy the entire match,only problem I’m in South Africa & my funds don’t allow me to travel but one day I’m going to watch a premier league & champions league @ Anfield,so until then I’m supporting from afar…The record breaking Mighty Reds 4 Life…Y.N.W.A ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  2. Again, phones and social media ruining everything. I even see people streaming commentary now at the match! it's just cringy and pathetic. My days, I hate what society has become.

  3. Have you ever thought klopp, it's cos of how rubbish ya players was against man United, get training them to move the ball quicker, play like that against arsenal, we can say good bye to title, absolutely shocking against man u

  4. I thought it was a bit embarrassing when I was told about this today. But after watching the video it's actually very clever by Klopp, he's obviously going to get a big reaction on Saturday. Don't worry Klopp I will be there as usual giving it the beans

  5. He's stupid for falling for Neville's clear wind up tactics. The atmosphere at the MU game was fine, especially early on, Neville was that relieved it wasn't another pasting he got mouthy and Klopp fell for it. The atmosphere was great last night, especially given West Ham gave up, he only slagged off some fella sat behind him who moaned all game. He did his fist pumps and applauded the other stands. All those who mock the atmosphere might want to explain how we lost 6 home league games in a row the year there were no fans, compared to ONE defeat in the league in 6 years with fans. Loud or not teams don't like coming here (and yes I know we face Arsenal next, but at least until now!)

  6. So he needs the supporters to scare the opponents, why don't you concentrate on your game. And if it's what he is relying on, it's a big risk a head. A descent team will destroy you Infront of your crowd helplessly

  7. That deplorable display at home against United will take a while to swallow. Many see it as a defining moment of failure to capitalise on our position. The rest is moot.

  8. He's lost the fans 😂they should be used to not winning in the league anyway ..why complain he's the best manager Liverpool have ever had …sure didn't he lead you lot to your very first premier league

  9. It's glory hunters hoovering up the tickets. The prices are a joke for supporters and families in the Merseyside area. My belief is anybody not in the Merseyside area should be on a secondary list once those in the area have had an opportunity to get tickets.

  10. ​@christopherpilkington6283 I can accept foreigners coming to watch Liverpool if it's only a small percentage each game, it's people from London and the South we don't want. Shallow gloryhunters pure and simple.

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