Jon Stewart on Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview & Trip to Russia | The Daily Show

In response to online backlash over his criticism of Joe Biden last week, Jon studies Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin in Russia for a lesson in speaking “of course” to power. Plus, Michael Kosta reports from North Korea to demonstrate how nice life under a dictatorship can be. #JonStewart #DailyShow #Comedy

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21 thoughts on “Jon Stewart on Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview & Trip to Russia | The Daily Show

  1. I would like to take Carlson to a real trip around my city, his sense of wonder is more than that of a child. "Look, you flip the switch and lights magically turn on! Yes, this is a remote key, you push this button and side door of the SUV opens and closes. I bet you've never seen these Chrysler Grand Voyagers back in America? Now let's take you to the magical place called McDonald's. You can shout into clown's mouth and you'll get a toy!" 😄

  2. I don't know how wide spread it is in Europe, but here in Finland the grocery carts and escalators for them are the same. It's not really a Russian thing as far as I know.

  3. Hi.. You need the correct system.
    But, it needs champions.
    The "forum" you want is a restored "civil -defense" / comprehensive contingencies-management system.
    DES – Support, Systems, and Services.
    NGO Project: Republic management?
    … Who, what, when, where, which, why, how.
    … Crucial issues management…

    For using the "Disaster and Emergency Services" system, for doing our part of that responsibility…
    … Door to door…

    For managing those we employ, as Public Servants" / personnel / representatives… to do those jobs, in our place.

    … And, for managing our Facilities, Systems, Equipment, Supplies….

    If, we set up our secondary manual backup systems, as a matrix NGO, rather than as another arm of Gov…?

    Thusly, a system that provides support, systems, and services, to every human.

    With, built-in oversight capabilities…
    … By us all…

    So, to be very "well regulated."

    "We the people…"

    (Just hoping, someone finally hears, and is inspired, to get us operational.)

    Semper Fidelis…
    Standing by…

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