Jon Rahm commits to joining LIV Golf League from 2024 season

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Masters champion Jon Rahm has become the latest high-profile player to switch to the LIV Golf League after signing a deal understood to be worth up to £450m.

Rahm, a former critic of LIV, will be the highest-ranked player to join the league, with the world No 3 enjoying an impressive 2023 that saw him win four times on the PGA Tour – including victory at The Masters – and be part of Europe’s successful Ryder Cup team.

Speculation over Rahm’s future increased last month when he pulled out of the inaugural TGL season, the indoor golf league fronted by Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods and since postponed until 2025, with the Spaniard citing ‘a level of commitment I can’t offer’ as the reason for withdrawing.

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48 thoughts on “Jon Rahm commits to joining LIV Golf League from 2024 season

  1. A selfish greedy sportsman, who knew. LIV a closed shop that you can only join by invitation. Sorry Rory if Ryder Cup was not sufficient enough for him not to join LIV then talk of passion and love of the game is just hypocritical.

  2. PGA Tour had a monopoly for years.. instead of paying their players, they've increased prize payouts by such a small % that it proved to the top guys what PGA Tour is really about… old boys attitude & money for the PGA officials. If your organization doesn't provide what others do, you're 100% ok in changing positions.

  3. Rahm hasn't done anything but moping around on the golf course the past season. Can think of better things to watch. Still sorry to see him go, … Still think the tours should be separate. It's more simple and straight forward. But as the saying goes – why make it simple when you can complicate it.

  4. It's a real shame they didn't work out their timings a bit better.
    Vladimir Putin could have presented him with his £450 million cheque during his current visit to the Saudi Crown Prince to cement relations.
    Not many steps to realise it's blood money

  5. Lifetime golf fan. Don't watch anymore. The money, the corporate logos, the saudi murderers, the boring overpaid personality's, have ruined the beauty and tradition of the game.

  6. I think in any walk of life, if you are offered a better paid job with better conditions and more time to spend with your family, 99% of people would take it. This is no different. Yes, he has changed his mind on what he said last year but every single human being does that at many points in their lives. People make decisions which are best for them and if this is best for him and his family, Then good for him!!

  7. Congratulations to Jon Rahm, this is one of his greatest-ever financial wins! We hope everyone worldwide will benefit from the global ambitions of LIV Golf. What does this mean for Sky Sports Golf?

  8. How he can even keep a straight face when he cites the reasons for leaving as "the team element" and to "grow the game". 🤣
    You went for the dough John. You are now going to play in a league full of muppets

  9. I have one question. Can anyone name an individual sport that successfully transferred to a team concept? Ryder cup is nationalism so it can't be used.

  10. Jon's gonna hate the loud music on every tee, and drunk party crowd not paying attention to the meaningless shots. It's a bed of thorns for him for sure. But the pillow is stuffed with money, so…

  11. The eager acceptance by most people, that Saudi money is the answer to all problems…is a shocking reflection on were the world is heading. When extremely Rich powerful people poke their noses into sport, long term. IT WILL NOT END WELL.

  12. Good decision Jon! I mean this would be the only rational and logical option he had

    One is heavily corrupted, the other ties with terrorism. Say there are only 2 companies in your field of work. One pays you 10x than the other. Its your call to work for the corrupt with less paycheck and claim the moral highground. However, when your corrupted company is in process of merging with the other, it would just been idiotic if you don't take the big bag from the other company at this point. Soon, wherever you work, your whole industry would be linked to Saudi whether you like it or not, might as well make yourself as much money as possible while the opportunity exists. Unless you stupidly quit your industry, there are no (morally) better choices available

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