Jofra Archer plays in Barbados without the ECB’s permission

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Jofra Archer played cricket in Barbados for his old school team despite an elbow injury and without the permission of the ECB.

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16 thoughts on “Jofra Archer plays in Barbados without the ECB’s permission

  1. This is what happens when you sell your soul to the slave masters. I got zero sympathy for.him when they fine him and reprimand him.

    He deserves all the negative press. He is clearly Bajan and West Indian not English at all. It's total joke him playing for England. When he won the world cup with England he went straight home to Barbados to celebrate with his family.

    He is is total sell out and England ate a joke for having him in the ryeam when he clearly has zero emotional ties to england.

    He probably supports West Indies when they play England

  2. Let the guy do what he wants!
    so far he's had a pretty crap career…filled with injuries meaning he can't hardly play for England so why not let him play for his home teams

  3. This will seem like a go at JA
    But this is more the system this guy has spent a huge amount of his pro career injured
    Why do we worry and give them huge contracts this is not just cricket
    Rugby has the same issue.
    Time and money wasted on the porcelain players

  4. Why is this a big deal? He didnt play representing barbados or the west indies in this game. Im from barbados his old school foundation because they knew he was in the island and his recovery was looking better asked him if he wanted to come play one game for them as extra help cause they were on the verge of being demoted form first division which is the second highest division in our domestic cricket. Again i say whats the issue cause some england players do this too? I thought what england wanted was for him to recover so he can come back into the side so the fact he played and bowled pace in the game is a good sign. He also as been seen practicing his bowling here has well too.

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