Jamie Carragher: Everton points deduction “feels excessive”

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Jamie Carragher says he understands Everton’s aggrievances after they received news of 10-point deduction on Friday afternoon.

The former Liverpool player and current Premier League pundit said the sanction felt “excessive”.

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48 thoughts on “Jamie Carragher: Everton points deduction “feels excessive”

  1. It's a complete disgrace that Man City can get away with even more blatant breaching of the rules without punishment and Everton get the book thrown at them.Of course City are better for business than Everton so that is why they haven't been punished.This really undermines the Premier Leagues credibility s a competition now as clearly cheating is allowed depending on who you are.

  2. So don't criticize the refs and 10 points are excessive (which will be music to Man City and Newcastle's ears). Carra coming out with some real stinkers last few weeks.

  3. Why is it excessive though? They broke rules. I think most Everton fans would hope that if another club gained an unfair advantage over them that they would be similarly penalised.

  4. Seems that Carragher is commenting with his Everton hat very much on. Everton look very capable of getting 50+ points this season, so this will very likely be no punishment at all. If you overspend to avoid relegation, then the penalty should be relegation.

  5. Violating several FFP regulations like Everton have should be punished with significant reduction of points, it’s the only way it’ll deter other clubs from doing the same. Otherwise, clubs will continue doing it by not fearing the small repercussions that would come from doing it.

    Carra, once again with his inconsistent opinions showing why he has no credibility amongst fans of football in this country

  6. Call me cynical, but they have calculated that Everton can lose 10 points and will probably still avoid relegation. Everton were not going to make Europe anyway, so it won't be a big deal. However , they have worked out that a 10 point deduction for City might well cost them a league title , so they don't want to do that.

  7. How are Everton being done like this yet Man City are blatantly breaking the rules and winning trebles. This game is all about money and clearly Man City are putting that money in the right pockets.

  8. 10 points a lot? Bro… Juventus got more than 20 points taken from them last season and you're saying 10 points is a lot?? I get that you can't you compare both teams/club, but it doesn't matter. Frankly, city should be relegated if that's the case cos that's the only argument against this that makes sense

  9. This man supports the charge on Arteta. Clear bias. All the fans know that the officiating this season is embarrassing and a disgrace. Yet, instead of looking in the mirror, they point their fingers.

  10. I think it's excessive bit now if Everton got this punishment man city Chelsea some these top clubs need get seriously hammered I sure man city have 115 charges or am I exaggerating and Chelsea have blown ffp out window last couple seasons

  11. Man city should be relegated to the bottom tier. It'll be the end of them. All their stats would leave, as well as the manager. But that will never happen. It's kind of impossible actually for city to even get relegated to the championship, never mind bottom tier. There's no chance in them getting an excessive punishment. Just a fine at most

  12. It’s not excessive. Ten points is nowt. The literally only need to win 5 games to stay up out of 26. In my opinion it’s not harsh enough. People forget it’s last season they should of been prosecuted but for some strange reason it wasn’t done. So a team was relegated at the expense of Everton. If it gave them a minimum of 15 points deduction and I hope when they do challenge the decision the fa charge them with more points. Everton knew what they were doing and to think they can then challenge it shows they haven’t learnt.

  13. Point deductions has to hurt. They overspent by 20m or 15% of allowed. Whether everton are near relegation is not relevant. City n chelsea should get much bigger points deductions

  14. Man City with 115!!! FFP charges – Nothing Everton with 1 FFP charge – 10 points deduction How is it fair I guess money really does talk the Premier League shouldn't be allowed to mark its own homework should have external oversight

  15. Just a reminder that Man City still haven’t been charged for 115 breaches of Financial Fair Play and have faced no punishment, while Everton have been docked 10 points for one charge. Premier League, most corrupted league in the world.

  16. my beloved Middlesbrough ended up being relegated due to a 3 points deduction for not having enough fit players to play a game, even though they alerted the Premier league prior to calling the game off and were advised to call it off, only to find out afterwards the person they talked too who advised them to call the game off didn't have the authority to make that call, and that decision efficiently cost the Boro thier Premier League status, now calling that harsh is a understatement in my opinion UTB

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