‘It’s dead in the water’ | How have the newspapers reacted to new European Super League proposals?

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Jonathan Liew and Jason Burt joined ‘Back Pages Tonight’ to discuss the European Court of Justice’s verdict in relation to the European Super League.

A22 – the organisers behind the failed European Super League have revealed plans for a new competition that features promotion and relegation.

The initial plan for a European Super League was met with widespread fury when it was announced in April 2021 and included Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City.

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26 thoughts on “‘It’s dead in the water’ | How have the newspapers reacted to new European Super League proposals?

  1. The Super league is the true definition of Competition and all involving leagues would benefit financially..
    Prem is just scared to compete with leagues on the similar financial levels becuz money is the only thing keeping them relevant
    as long as this monopoly Sportwashing league dies out, I'm good with it

  2. The fact that England is trying so hard with skeptics about this Super league is annoyingly Hilarious..
    You've been Sportwashing, and killing football since 2010s and peaked in the 2020s
    But once they sensed a bigger sheriff who'll make it FAIR on Financial level for all they are making it look like a wolf under a grandma skin
    Hypocrisy at its peak

  3. The Super League will not involve English clubs initially because the UK is out of Europe,
    but this hardly matters because the European Cup/Champions League started without English teams
    as did the World Cup. They'll jump on board after it starts to generate money for the clubs.

  4. It's still a massive difference. It protects those in the top two leagues. This new competition allows 20 new teams per session, as opposed to potentially 118 new teams in the current format. Ridiculous take

  5. And why should clubs like psg and manchester city have unlimited money? Answer this question in a convincing way and ill tell you that super league is a very bad idea.

  6. The best they can hope for is interest from Saudi, China & Mls teams with Celtic & Rangers. Then a name change obviously, but other than that its a non starter

  7. The entire continent of Europe (other than the Brits) are laughing at all this backlash from this win for the super league, not laughing at the league, laughing at the reactions of Brits 😅🤦
    Just wait and see how many clubs will join, oh and I'm talking about clubs that were all big clubs at a time or still, that haven't sold their souls to corrupt and criminal American businessmen and Arab oil estates.
    Btw English teams will join too, few of them have said they wouldn't, but in the background they have told the super league runners they will join when time comes, so again …😅😅😅
    The level of hypocrisy coming from Brits is always hilarious, Saudi starts buying players with big money, Brits say oh no they can't😅🤣(exactly what Brits did to the rest of Europe, and now another league that is not controlled dictatory style by thee most corrupt organization ever(FIFA,uefa,EPL), and again with the hypocrisy.😅🤣🤦

  8. I think yhis will open up for smaller leagues to combine for example belgium and dutch league ciming together, Scandinavian league or maybe a british league and cups, think that would be more interesting than a super league as the top teams allready have full control

  9. If there is one positive to be taken from the Super League, it is that UEFA is being challenged. And that is good because UEFA and their competitions is indeed the lesser of two evils. It would be really interesting to see how a European cup with NO pre-qualified teams, where none of the twelve clubs that initially proposed the Super League were eligible would fare. I think a significant number of fans would embrace something like that.

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