“It wasn’t the right decision” – Eddie Howe on the controversial PSG penalty against Newcastle

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Eddie Howe shares his thoughts after PSG were controversially given a penalty against Newcastle in the Champions League.

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42 thoughts on ““It wasn’t the right decision” – Eddie Howe on the controversial PSG penalty against Newcastle

  1. No coincidence that the President of PSG Nasser Al-Khelaifi is on UEFA's executive commitee and was watching the match sitting next to another member of UEFA….8 mins of extra time, from where? Dubious penalty decison?

    Anyone else think phonecalls where made during the game…..or am I being cynical?

  2. No penalty FACT arm is in a natural position as he is running and leaning , ball deflects at speed of his own body and it’s clearly not deliberate. Newcastle have been CHEATED I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a back hander involved somewhere in Paris

  3. The footballing Authorities have long seemed to have difficulty in identifying the body part that is the "hand". I've always believed it was the part of the arm below the wrist. Getting them to understand if something is "deliberate" is clearly more challenging still …… What are the PSG side saying about this ? What – in a parallel universe – would the Newcastle side have said if the decision benefitted them ?

  4. Been watching games from the 1960s, no VAR, no one offside by a toe or the tip of their shoulder, no waste of time and still getting wrong, no tippy tippy football passing backwards and forwards in your own half. Totally better game back then.

  5. The Ref didn’t give the pen on field. He was pressured by VAR & UEFA. The Ref should have stuck to his original correct decision. The VAR official has now been removed from further CL duties!

  6. VAR or no VAR, from what I can gather, the way the majority of referees in World Football are now applying the hand-ball rule, (notwithstanding how the rule is officially worded in England vs. the rest of Europe), is that if a ball hits the arm of a defending player anywhere in the 18 yard box, (whether intentionally or not), it's more or less a penalty kick. All the talk of 'silhouettes', 'natural and unnatural positions', 'body shapes', etc., is basically peripheral. Nine times out of ten, (or more), if a ball hits an arm of a defender in the box, the ref will call a PK. I'm not saying I agree with this, but this is what's actually happening on the ground.

  7. Does anyone realize that after the ball was handled it had then dropped exactly to his feet and then totally under control for him to clear !! , if he had not handled it it could have easily fell to a P S G forward , so weigh it up , hand ball ! under control from the hand ball ! , and then the ball bashed to safety ! , definitely a penalty for me , justice was done , P S G should have scored at least 6 , don't for the life of me know HOW THEY MISSED AND SQUANDERED SO MANY EASY CHANCES, …..

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