Is time running out for Erik ten Hag at Manchester United?

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The Mirror’s Darren Lewis & The Independent’s Miguel Delaney discuss Manchester United’s 3-0 defeat against Bournemouth.

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49 thoughts on “Is time running out for Erik ten Hag at Manchester United?

  1. yes yes blame Fernandes but dont you tare touch the prima donas Maguire and Trashfords…. nah nah its the captain who been saving UTD almost all the time he the problem 😂😂🤣🤣

  2. Tin Pot Hag is on his last legs, he just can't get goin' in the Prem, he's more used to football in Holland where he had next to no competiton ….. he'd be far better cutting his losses at Old Trafford, clearin' off back to Amsterdam, and buying himself a gondola!

  3. If anyone at Old Trafford has any footballing sense, any ongoing transfer activities for the January must suspend, preserve the funds for the necessary sacking of ten Hag and ones who brought him in and this is the only priority for the likes of Ratcliffe should concentrate if he completes to hold his partial ownership of Manchester United.

    The next mission is to launch internal investigation, each and every one involved in the spending unconscionable amount of money for the League One players should be under litigation for the concoction of money laundering and fraudulent connotation of making deal under the same agency and no one should be extenuated without a maximum sentence in HMP.

    Manchester United have spent nearly two billion in twelve years more than any team on the planet and this is blatant criminal act and must punish for racketeering. If you think paying nearly a quarter or billion for Antony, Mount and Højlund is not money laundering then you should be charged for compliance and complicity of the crime as well.

  4. Dismantling this team and the top management is the only solution to bring chamge! Sell half of these average players and sack all the top management people who keep making mistakes after mistakes

  5. With all United's problems … they're only 3 points behind Man City. As a Chelsea fan we're heading straight towards relegation every season. After winning the Champions League we instantly fall off a cliff. And the amount of money being spent is ultimately wasted.

  6. United aren’t asking Erik to be sacked you SKY NEWS just get viewers when you talk negative about United. Well played for business. The players need to be scrabbed

  7. Erik Ten Hag failure to guide Man United to the team level of distinguish respectable and successful in the premier league and in Europe.
    Erik Ten Hag time has come to the end it's end of the road and time to leave.
    Erik Ten Hag facing lots of issues and criticism of the managerial position in Man United.
    Erik Ten Hag came to Man United to manage to guide back Man United to glory days and the top of the premier league but instead came to be humiliated and it's a failure.
    Very very very sad ending… end of game…

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