Is Everton’s 10 point penalty ‘harsh and excessive’? | Soccer Saturday

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The Soccer Saturday panel discuss the news that Everton have been deducted 10 points with immediate effect for a breach of the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules.

Everton say they are “shocked and disappointed” by the ruling and have vowed to appeal.

The deduction, which was meted out by an independent commission and will be imposed with immediate effect, is the largest in the history of the Premier League and plunges Sean Dyche’s team into the relegation zone.

According to the Premier League, Everton admitted during a five-day hearing it was in breach of the league’s profitability and sustainability rules (PSR).

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28 thoughts on “Is Everton’s 10 point penalty ‘harsh and excessive’? | Soccer Saturday

  1. This is all quite wrong really .
    To relegate Everton and maybe even Man City due to a points reduction is not on .
    Simple all it does is to deny championship teams from a possible promotion should the offending teams play next season in the 2nd division.
    The right penalty should be financial with recompense to the leagues smaller teams who play the game properly .

  2. It’s fair. Let’s face it, there was talk about them breaching the cap 18 months ago when they just about stayed up and instead of Burnley. That £19.5m could have been the 3-5 points in the last couple of seasons that has kept them up and earned them an additional £100m+ per season. Makes it even worse that they play football that you’d see on a Sunday morning. Follow the rules and you’ll have nothing to worry about, many others have managed it seemingly

  3. Has there been any explanation by the Premier League for of the rationale for the punishment? Is it basically a case of it's a 10 point deduction simply for breaching the loss limit, no matter whether it's by £2m, £20m or £200m?

  4. They broke the rules! Face the consequences. You can’t just let them off with it! What sort of message does that send? City and Chelsea should face similar consequences as it’s not fair on the clubs abiding by the rules.

  5. Personally I don't think that the punishment is excessive, there has to be a strong deterrent to effectively what amounts to a form of cheating, that said, it can only serve as a deterrent if the same rules are applied equally and without prejudice across the league.

  6. How can it be Indendent when the legal is a former finacial the lawyer worked for leeds for a few years i find it hard to think they'd be able to keep his old allegence aside to imparitally conscious or unconscious bias. Especially when comes the compinsation claim for leeds, he needs to be removed and replaced with someone completely unconnected to leeds burnely and leicester. Most everton fans say we broken the rules so we deserve a punishment but it needs to proportionated to the breachand explainw how they worked it out. I would have though better punishment would have been to
    I think a fair punishment would be a 5 ponits deduction with a suspended a fine of 20 million pounds to be paid on july 1st 2024 if our books arent upto scrach by june 30th Then we cant buy anyone until weve got rid of fringe players like gomes keane or godfrey who are on large wages by selling or loaning them out with a manditory buy clause. We sign our quotrd of loand players from europe and the premier league. I cant see us paying of gomes's contract as he not going to play even when ges back from his injury with 6 months left 1.5 million should be enougg id keep godfreey over keane loan him for six months with manditory buy clause in jannary.

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