I Stayed in a Tiny House

I’ve always wanted to stay in a tiny house, so I found one and rented it for the night. Could you live in a tiny house?
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29 thoughts on “I Stayed in a Tiny House

  1. I have been itching to stay in one of these! Get out of my space and out of my head for a bit! I do not however envy the person that changes the bedding. I'm sure it gets easier with time but that first time around was probably a little clumsy.

  2. I’ve never stayed in a tiny home but we lived in a 732sq ft home for 7y and I’d never want to be under 1600sq ft again 🤣 we’re having our third baby in Feb so space is essential for my sanity 😂

  3. Wow I used to follow you years ago when you did exclusively makeup videos and somehow I either got unsubscribed or something. Always wondered where you went haha. Great video!

  4. Oh crazy this little house looks like one I've been eyeing on Airbnb for my trip to Seattle lol. For all I know, this could be it!
    I'm not comfortable in my small room so I'm not sure if I'd be comfortable there for 5 days 😬

  5. Hi Allison, I’m just going through your older videos. I had a fledgling tiny house company in Australia up until COVID ended it. I still have 2 tiny houses but I’m about to sell one. The first one, I plan to never sell. I love tiny houses and was building them for affordable housing for older, single women. Anyhow I still love them and I’m glad you enjoyed your stay.

  6. We live in our 300 sqft RV, and yah it can definitely get a bit small when you've got all of your things. It's been great for travel, but I think we're going to look into homes soon and keep the RV for more seasonal travel. Thanks for the video!

  7. My husband and I stayed in a tiny house in Asheville, North Carolina for our 30 yr wedding anniversary. It was such a fun experience.!! It was a little bigger than the one you stayed at. We were there for two nights. We enjoyed it but there wasn’t a lot of space for our clothes and suitcases. I would love to see a series on tiny houses. I enjoy your videos, thanks!

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