I Got Married | Wedding Q&A + Details

We tied the knot this month! I asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted to know anything about our wedding, and I’m sharing my answers with you today.
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Where is the honeymoon?

How many dresses did you try on? How did you know your dress was the one?

Why is your husband wearing a kilt? Is he Scottish?

How did you decide on a destination wedding and your venue?

How did he propose?

What did you splurge and save on?

Do you regret anything? Would you do anything differently?

Best things you did? Best choices for your day?

What did you do for florals?

Advice for stressed out brides?

What did you walk down the aisle to?

Favorite moments of the day?

Did you incorporate any Scottish traditions?

Did you do anything to honor your mom on the day?

How many guests did you have? How did you decide on a guest list?

Did you cry?

Did anything go wrong?

Did you change your last name?

Advice for deciding on a budget?

How you feel about marriage? Did you always know you wanted to get married? Did you have any doubts during your engagement?

How did you know your husband was the one?


36 thoughts on “I Got Married | Wedding Q&A + Details

  1. Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous! I got married in December 2016, and my husband and I had a very small wedding at a historical Victorian home in our hometown. It was already decorated for Christmas so we saved A TON on decorations. Our wedding ended up being very affordable and simple but beautiful and intimate.

  2. I feel like you know they're the one when you are drawn to them, it means that no matter what they do, look like or whatever, you want to be near them always, I have been with my husband for over 8 years and still HATE it when he leaves the house!!!

  3. Hi Allison! I just loved your sharing about your wedding day! 🙂 I married in may 2019. It was so amazing and lovely! The ceremony and party took place in an amazing hotel in Oporto City with a breath-taking view over Douro River (old and new mixed). We were around 20 people and in total the ceremony and the party started around 6pm until midnight. My must-have was photography and it worth every single penny. My father-in-law died a few years ago (I did not meet him) and we decided to honor him by lighting a candle in the beginning of the event and we let it burn until the end.

  4. American weddings are so weird to me like why do they finish so early? all Mexican weddings end at the middle of the night or early morning

  5. So true. When you know you know. If you have any doubts of ANY kind on the person…then they're not the one. If you are doubtless, then they're the one. I just don't think a lot of people understand that as it's difficult to understand and communicate.

  6. My Daughter is getting married but, I must admit, I stopped at the dress conservation!
    WAIT, KILT’s! Yes, I’m not from Scotland but, I Hate Pants!

    OK, I’m getting to know you and feel you should know me a little!
    I’m into Rental Houses! I’ve got 4 and got lucky when I bought them! We are 52 now and we feel real good about our Retirement Savings (I’m also into that!)

  7. Brings back memories from all three of my weddings — remembering the groom goes to the ceremony from an entirely different mindset and bagful of concerns. None of my brides shared her thoughts and fears with me, nor did I expect them to. At the big day I was just happy they showed up — didn't run for the hills. (Though two probably should have…)
    Seeing a woman's point of view and reactions to the whole process was great. Thank you for posting your experience. (There was no Internet around except for No. 3. Heck, I didn't even see a television set until I was almost a teen! There were no transportable phones for most of my life either. That was Dick Tracy or Flash Gordon imaginary stuff until I was in my forties and fifties!)

  8. Your wedding was so beautiful <3 I want 50 guests at my wedding… if I decide to have one lol I'm still on the fence because I hate being the centre of attention but my gut tells me that I want that experience so I'll probably end up going with that!

  9. i just subscribed and i can say i thjink you are my favorite youtuber now…love the content you are making and its so nice to hear you talk 🙂 more power to you and i admire your bravery and confidence on your solo trip 🙂

  10. My own wedding is in 9 months so I’m referring back to your old wedding videos. I’m on a very tight budget so I feel at ease hearing that someone else didn’t go crazy with the flowers. As beautiful as they are, man they get expensive! I am only looking to use a florist for my bouquet as well as the maid of honor’s and the two boutonnières for the groom and best man.

  11. I new to your channel and I just finished watching your Vancouver road trip video. I couldn’t help thinking “Why is such a pretty young lady traveling all alone?”. Congratulations 🎈🎉🎊🍾

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