“I am going to speak” – Mikel Arteta says he will not stop sharing views on referees

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Mikel Arteta insists he will continue to speak freely on refereeing decisions despite being handed a Football Association charge for comments he made after Arsenal’s 1-0 defeat at Newcastle.

The Gunners boss labelled VAR’s decision to not overturn Anthony Gordon’s 64th minute winner “an absolute disgrace”.

Arteta, who said that he has submitted observations he made during the match to the FA, highlighted the importance of freedom of speech and believes communication is key if the standards of refereeing are to improve.

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31 thoughts on ““I am going to speak” – Mikel Arteta says he will not stop sharing views on referees

  1. Arteta I support, if something happens once it's a mistake like on Liverpool but when it continues it's no longer a mistake it needs to be addressed and that's what he did and is doing so I support it's not about Arsenal but all teams we need fairness

  2. When United was robbed against his team he didnt complain now its against him he speaks lol u should speak when u benefit it will be meaningful VAR is a joke these referees needs to be investigated cause with video assistance should be very easy, maybe they should run it like in rugby on the big screen might be better

  3. This is ridiculous a complete joke um sick and tired of this dictatorship, Howard Webb and his prats are mediocre complete mediocre its embarrassing end of discussion that's wat every manager and fan is thinking so continuing protecting the ref is not the solution here the solution is to demote them hold them accountable for their mediocrity just like Arteta will be held accountable for his choice of words. The more you protect the ref the more mediocre they will get cause they know nothing will be done.

  4. He is turning into a real top-class manager, and he is right. Every single manager should start voicing their opinion of the refs after the game, praise them when they are good and voice their disappoint when they are terrible.

  5. At times, we need people to criticize against our weaknesses for us to cause positive changes and improve strongly in our services and works. But those with negative attitude about critics will always never like the truths that define their areas of weakness. For effectiveness in improving every field in life, we need an eye to see beyond mountains full darkness and restructure our ways to have light for all in such hindering mountains ⛰️

  6. We are with you arteta even though I am not an Arsenal fan. It’s appalling the English league Referees association or body are busy planning how to silence freedom of speech. We thought Africa had such issues am shocked the English premier league has become the worst on Refeering and VAR. They now believe in punishment instead of adding more cameras and fixing the errors being made by their referees

  7. Why this Stoppid Stinkin English Referee Association keep endorsing the wrongs and Mistakes???😢




  8. You know you are dealing with corrupt power when you aren’t even allowed to say they are bad at their job and they demand silence or they will punish you further

  9. Mikel Arteta has done nothing wrong. He's within his right to share his opinion about the game as he's a manager of a team and a former player. The referee association and the FA are ruining the game.

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